Posted by: mrrx | October 6, 2007

Sucked back in again

And the next thing I know, I’m reinstalling the software and signing up for Everquest 2 again.

I looked around, and saw that several things had changed. You actually get another character slot, pried loose with great effort probably from Sony’s fingers. It’s a big surprise to see them do that, I have to give them credit for trying.

Station Access is now up to the phenomenal price of $30 a month. I’ve been telling all you people that was where this was headed, but it did no good. Yall bought it anyway, making predictions come true.

And Pirates will be under the Sony fold, continuing the trend of independent MMO development but all distribution done by them. If I was so inclined, it would actually be possible for me to see value now from Station Access – Vanguard, EQ2, Pirates for one monthly fee.

The new customer service interface looks slick, but contains some bugs. First one was the game asking me to buy DOF and EOF a second time. Yes, even though I have a valid subscription (which I confirmed after logging into the game) it asked me. This also led to me not buying the character profiles either – I didn’t want to screw with anything until I was in the game. Set it up to patch overnight and logged in for the first time this morning as Tez.

I had to set up my interface once again – they have a new set of defaults. One nice change is apparently there is no longer such a thing as grey mobs – they are pink. Just as I had customized them way back when. Dumbest item is “NPC Interaction” or something similar, in the options menu, which contains the switch to con systems from the unique EQ2 arrows, back to the WOW brackets.

Got myself killed before realizing I wasn’t buffed. OK, I’m not *that* rusty in combat after all. All my AA choices for shaman were reset, and I used them all in the agility tree. Snuck out and worked on some easy quests in the Loping Plains.

I am definitely rusty. Not really a surprise – I used to be a smooth operator, now I’m having to think about how I want to kill things rather than letting my fingers do all the work. That should come in time.

It’s hard to believe how little XP I get at 70 killing greens. I killed maybe two dozen and the achievement bar didn’t move at all. Completing the quests, now that was a surprise – I believe it was two that got me 50% xp. Was it always that much ? They must have increased it and nerfed green mob XP again.

Trying to finish more quests, it took me awhile until it hit me that I needed to install EQ2Maps. That’s ready to run and I may jump in again now.

I may only play a few days and cancel afterwards. I may be back off the wagon. Ah, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about the fun anyway.



  1. Good to have you back 🙂

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