Posted by: mrrx | October 5, 2007

Pirates Launch Date Set

Well look at thatPirates of the Burning Sea will be out 1/22/08.

Right after my big ERP project goes live.    And which means, if its not a total disaster, I might find myself playing.    Pirates, that is.     My ERP could not possibly be a disaster.   If I keep saying it then it must be true.    Yes, just keep saying it over and over.

This quick summary doesn’t seem to begin describing the level of economic play.     It sounds like a real world system, and its success will depend on the degree to which the devs can resist the temptation to offer items that cannot be built, and are better than the built stuff.    But imagine a system where you can buy +2 Vorpal Cannon Balls with Magic Pixie Dust – assuming someone can manage to build them.     Or where you can help them build them.     Thar’s a fortune to be made there matey !

Ship to ship combat, a setting back in the days before high tech (as opposed to EVE), and…. well……. PIRATES.     I know what I’m buying around halloween – a pre order box.     It was a great thing for LOTRO (even if I didn’t stick around) and I’ll continue that.



  1. Wow, man. Good to finally hear from you after so long, and to see you’re still kickin’. =P Hope you make it back to EQ2 sometime, even if you go through all these other games. I’d enjoy playing with you again.

  2. Uh oh… it sounds like the MMO affliction might be coming out of its dormant stage.

    Well, I hope you’ll share with us at least!

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