Posted by: mrrx | October 3, 2007

Checking in

Has it really been seven months ?    Amazing.     And from time to time there are people still hitting the site (well, normal people that is, as opposed to spammers).

Life is busy.    Kids demand tons of time.    Very little to no gaming; nowadays my biggest gaming is sitting next to my daughter and helping her play Sims 2.

I got this awhile back and decided to reinstall it, and she wanted to try.    She has a family of five and is having a ton of difficulty keeping them all going, as expected.    What surprised me was that while she plays the game, I’m managing to reinforce those good parenting lessons I try to hit her with.      Whatever the Sims do, we talk about it and why it’s good or it’s bad.    She doesn’t like it when they burp or leave plates on the floor, and she wants the kids to get A+ report cards.

She doesn’t let her sim-kids talk to the neighbors kids.    That surprised me.    What she’s after is keeping the whole family inside the house, playing with mommy and daddy, and otherwise being isolated.    (Oh, and swimming in the gigantic pool).     Maybe I’m rubbing off a bit too much on her.

I see that POTBS still isn’t out.    Is it ever coming out ?     Everquest 2 continues to look great and deserves a wider audience.      And I believe Gods & Heroes is still languishing too.    Well, maybe someday I’ll be back into the scene.


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