Posted by: mrrx | May 18, 2007

Life After Everquest

Apparently, I’m off the wagon.     Over two months have gone by, and I’m still not signing in for any MMO’s.      Unlike last year, this time it seems like I’m really done.

 I get a bit more done lately, which is nice.     I spend more time with my two sweet kids, which is very nice.      Wait, scratch that – one sweet kid and one who’s too much like me.    I get more done at the office too – at some point I’m going to earn my coworkers title which is “Oracle Superman”.

Still gaming, as always – I mean, how could I give up the habit of a lifetime ?     Hearts of Iron is a spellbinding, detailed, alternate-history blast.      I logged into Lord of the Rings long enough to level up to 12 during the pre-order, and found myself logging off and not coming back.    

 What I do miss is the gaming blogosphere, and all the on-line relationships you build up.      My apologies, dear friends, but its very hard to read about MMO’s unless you’re playing them as well.      I’m currently searching for a new subject to blog about, either in this space or a new one.     Requirements include :

  • Narrow Focus
  • Something I love (No shortage of things there)
  • Something others might want to read (This is the tricky part)

I’ve thought about a more generalized gaming blog, something like gaming after 40, and detailing my adventures with PS3’s and Wiis (I don’t own either but my kids will want one soon), Daddy games like EQ2 and kiddie Playhouse Disney on the computer, Air Hockey and Yu Gi Oh.     But I have no idea how to reach people who might want to read that.       It could also be, nobody would want to.

Good gaming to all and stay safe.



  1. Totally understand where you’re coming from – good to hear you’re hoping to blog again though – that was a part of it I was missing…so I came back making my blog still kind of mostly about EQ2, but open to anything – seems to work – have had some good comments. Hope you can come up with a system that’s going to work – would love to see you back in the blogosphere too! 🙂

  2. Just talk about anything – works for millions of other bloggers. Talk about what you love, and it will be worth reading. Then, once you’ve gone awhile posting whatever interests you, you can use Google Analytics or whatever to find out what people are reading. That will let you find a new subject that both interests you and is interesting to others.

    Gamers With Jobs has a mature community that enjoys gaming of all sorts, MMO and otherwise. Have you looked into joining a blogging community instead of going it alone? That’s something I’d like to do — join a site like Kill Ten Rats and separate my gaming from the other things I enjoy.

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