Posted by: mrrx | March 5, 2007

What Did You Do For Double XP ?

Barkscratch : Ding 13, then 14.    60% XP.     Started off the weekend going to Kojan and putting the remainder of my diplo clothing in both the bank, and the broker.      Surprisingly, the things I didn’t think would sell, sell well.      I’m talking about the diplomacy rewards that add one point to (demand, flattery, etc) for one parley only.

The clothing that adds to these – great.    It’s there every parley.    A one-time-use potion is not something that sounds good to me, but people are buying them.

After I was done with this, it was time to listen to Gekkeikan’s advice and head off to Veskal’s Exchange.     Got a bunch of quests, worked them, in between killing Verdant Lurkers.

(What kind of name is that ?      It brings to mind a colorful version of the lurkers from AD&D, like a floating manta ray.     And yet it’s the name of a group of people opposed to Veskal.)

Ground away on these guys for awhile.    It was a lot of fun.     Making sure I got single pulls was enough of a challenge to be enjoyable.      Got killed a few times – instead of getting one I might get two, or more.     Was also ambushed by a three-person patrol once.      But on the average I got tons of XP, and could really see the effect of doubling.

Root and Rot works very well with a druid.     If the mobs are fairly low, root sticks almost all the time, and the DOT’s that I have are very damaging.     When root breaks, reapply and re-DOT, throw in a Sunburst no-casting-time nuke, and the thing is quickly dead.     Even when they get up close and personal, I don’t have much trouble – that is, from the two-dot mobs at least.

I saw my first nasty boss mob late last night.     A 4-dot spider which was around level 14.      I stupidly took it on, not realizing until after the first nuke that it was too tough for me.     Root didn’t stick long enough for me to run.      Unfortunately, nobody would group up over the weekend.     Gekki and I were on at opposing times unfortunately.     The various soloists I saw in my killing fields ran quickly, or declined group invites.      Bah.

And eventually I figured out my faction issues with the Spider Island.     I’m a caster, so if I want to kill something low level my tendency is to nuke the bejesus out of it.     I can one-shot level 3 mobs now.      But you can’t do that if you want faction – everything that I one-shot gives none.

That’s anything but sensible or fair.       Sword-swingers almost certainly get an advantage on faction grinds.      But knowing is half the battle, and I can just aggro a group of things and burn em down the next time it’s necessary.     But not now – I am at over 200 Leth Nurae faction.

This brought me to last night’s late late activity, the great search for the entrance to Leth Nurae.    After 12:30, I didn’t feel like killing anything more, so that was the end of double XP for me.   

Apparently, there’s only one way in to Leth Nurae, and it’s from the wrong side of Veskal’s Exchange.     I need to follow the route from Halgarad to Veskal’s, run along the north end of the river, as if I’m going to New Taragonor.    But instead of crossing to the south side of the river, and heading west to the road; I cut north where I would normally cross the river.

You run for awhile and need to be very careful about baddies – level 23ish mobs in the countryside, most non-aggro – and eventually come to a road that heads back east again, through a canyon into Leth Nurae.

Very nicely done city.     I didn’t get a great look at it because it was late.      Unfortunately, the one thing I really want right now – noble presence – I couldn’t find in the town anywhere.      But this place is clearly a diplomacy heaven.     Just like Joao said – many, many chances for civic diplomacy.    I won both of the parleys I attempted with the Elf Deck.

Wandered the entire palace – no noble presence mobs low enough for me to take on.     I need to get up to around 75ish noble presence to continue a quest inside of Veskal’s.      Many soldiers, crafters, and clergy.     Clergy were in short supply in Kojan.       I need to wander this place and do some parleys, but will probably leave to get noble parleys if they’re not available.     Sleep claimed me and I logged off.



  1. =( yah time conflicts made it tough. And myself being a tank was quickly stuck in parties that last 4 hours at a time.

    The tell you sent me reaching 205 faction was good to hear. I wish I was free instead of deep deep inside Kregors chain pulling.

    I hope that durring the week I can help you out more.

    Some druid advise: you will get Wolf form making you run very very fast. Druids I have seen solo…will root dot two to three mobs and kite them in circles as they recast roots and dots.

    Soon you will have no issues soloing multiple mobs. As a druid in beta I know how hard it can be. I usually started with Root..summon elemental. Lettem do some melee dmg…then commenced the nuke bombardment.

    Lets try to get together with my cleric sometime and I will help you get leveled a bit more. Around level 16 should be when you get wolf form.

    This will help your travels as you do Diplomacy.

    Also /tell Bric for about 1.5 gold he can make a Diplomacy cloak for you. With very high bonuses. Good guy I met along my adventures.

    Cya ingame Bark.

  2. Yeah I had the same noble presence issue in Leth – you can find some in the same building as the queen but to high level for me. In fact, I haven’t found a good source to grind this yet.


  3. Yes, double xp weekend, I don’t crafted all weekend and get my cleric to level 15.

    One advice: some few cities have writs implemented. For some strange reason, Leth Nurae is one of that cities. So, Leth Nurae is a good city for try diplomacy.

    I don’t understand the crazy route you followed to find to Leth Nurae. You can simply follow the road from Veskal’s Exchange to west, at a fork where there are elves trainers you follow a road to north. Easy… I suppose you don’t have problems with elves guards now, so the road is safe.

    A interesting thing about Leth Nurae is that you cannot see the city from afar. I think it is very “elf-like” they have that big city so well hide from outsiders eyes. I think all racial cities follow a “lore” pattern, if we like the architeture that the races use or not. For example, high elves building appear be “low weight” and tall, maybe because they use all that catenary archs ( Dwarven buildings appear be solid and heavy, while orc/goblins buildings are made with un-plained wood.

    Geregor Bedstone
    dwarf, Florendyl
    DwarvenHolt Guild
    cleric 15 / armorsmith 21

  4. Stormsurge – Go to Cai’al Brael. There’s a room with six nobles, I think they range from 100 to 300 skill.

    Joao – Actually I tried that road, ran into a bunch of aggro mobs and elves fighting the Kaon. Low level, little danger, but it was hard to travel through. Maybe I should try it again.

    I also took a while to find it because I was trying to see if you could climb the mountain too. You can’t 🙂 .

  5. Bark,
    If you follow the road west of Veskals, You will come across a tower with a lot of NPC’s. That fork there is where you can get to Leth.

    Dont go west from there leads to High Elf starter zone, Dont go directly North across the a low level quest area.. actually go NE of the tower following the will Incline and follow the western side of the inner portion of that circular mountain range on your map.

    That leads right up to Leth. I would also advise Binding there being a good half way point.

    There is some nice Dip stuff over in Khal if you havn’t been there yet. I suggest following the path out of NW Leth…past Renton Keep…South to Three rivers…then head down to Tragnor.

    The path is clean and safe…just remember to stay off the road near 3 rivers has bandits.

    If you can be on tonight , I will run you around. Dark Elfs like Vulmanes and have Diplomacy stuff you may like…I did Dip there and its very conspiracy blackmail driven darker lore =)

    Send me a tell tonight, Ill be leveling to 22 on the Dread Knight till I see yah.

  6. Mountains…. you cannot climb them. At level 40+ get a flying mount, so you can fly over the mountais. Take care with flying mobs, they can be dangerous. That stupid gryffon red mob tryed eat me sunday at Three Rivers. And I said to gryffy that dwarves don’t taste good… but it don’t heard me.

    Please, if the elves at Leth Nurae say to you to jump from that water current that fall down from the big statue, don’t make it. It is suicide. The wood elves at Cai’al Brael too say to everyone jump from that tree houses, it is suicide too.

    You evidently followed the wrong road. You missed the fork that have the road that follow directly to LN.

    [I made all races at beta, so I know how find the directions at a lot of diferent places. Evidently the map don’t help… and I think it is intentional]

    My advice: there is a writ quest at LN. Aparently it send you to be an ambassador to the dwarves, so take care. We dwarves will problably kill you on sight, we will discuss politics after you are dead. But you can get dwarven faction killing kobolds, bugbears and oathbreakers (dwarven renegates). Bordinar’s Cleft is a nice city, built solidly inside the mountain. More solid than LN, that elven building appear that will fall any day soon.

    Geregor Bedstone
    proud dwarf, Florendyl
    DwarvenHold Guild
    cleric 15 / armorsmith 21

  7. Yeah ln can be a right pain to get 2..for some reason i always get lost …;)

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