Posted by: mrrx | March 5, 2007

Meeting Goals

Over the weekend I checked in for a bit on my Simcountries.     Managed to get 3 of the 5 goals required easy.    

Getting enough doctors so you can build hospitals is another story.     You can only train a few each month, even though I have the priority cranked up very high.     That’s a bit annoying, as presumably my other desire – high birth rate – would be helped a lot with more hospitals and a better health level.

Defense is another thorny issue.     It looks to me like you need to take care of your money first; then immediately start in on defense.    You can’t just buy enough weapons to defend your country; you have a spending limit and that’s making things go very slow in the quest for an adequate amount of defense.      I’ll get there, but I’m waiting.     You also have the expected Guns Vs Butter issues, which makes things more fun.

I also discovered that I need to price my own goods for my corporations.     They can hire and fire people, but how much you sell your stuff for is another story.     I raised all my prices this morning and hopefully that will help keep me in the black.



  1. Been a while since I’ve seen a post, hope all is going well and real life is not becoming too hectic!

  2. I echo Stargrace’s sentiments. Hopefully Mrrx is only mired in 10-Ks, 1040s and 1120s. ‘Tis the season after all.

    After all, I’ve been meaning to curse him for mentioning Simcountry to a recovering sim/tycoon player…

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