Posted by: mrrx | March 2, 2007

Newbie President

Well having read a metric ton of stuff, and played through 9 months of game time, I think I’ve got a handle on how to play this behemoth of a game called Simcountry.

First – it’s easy to get lost in a big sim/tycoon game.     They helpfully provide a “level” system, with goals that will improve your country.      Smart idea to follow this and achieve it, as you earn Gold Coins by doing this as well – game bonus item currency.

Your goals are reaching a 75% index in the following categories :

  • Health
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Defense
  • Employment

Transportation is pretty straightforward – build roads and railroads until you have somewhere over 75% of the required number.    The requirement grows as time goes by, so you are constantly managing this.      The index increases each month if it’s lower than the % of roads & rails you own.

Health is a bit more complex.     Both of my countries had a severe shortage of senior doctors; the game divides your population up among workforce categories.      So I had to go on a senior-doctor-training regimen, and this is where I ran into a game bug.

Apparently, if you don’t have enough senior doctors, your hospitals are destroyed.     That’s what the national newspaper tells you anyway.    But what I discovered is as I train more senior doctors, I end up with more hospitals.    I’m pretty sure this is offsetting the hospitals lost in the past due to labor shortages.

Build up your hospitals, and do other things like pay well and have social security, and your health index goes up.

Undoubtedly the heart of the game so far is employment.      You have an amazing variety of possible labor, and have to manage your education in order to provide for the optimal labor pool for both governmental and corporate functions.

Lower level workers – low, medium, and high.    Managers – Low, medium, high and executive.     Hi Tech workers – Engineers, seniors, and executives.     Add in teachers and doctors to complete the picture.    Or just check out the screenshot :


You want to keep the unemployed amount, over the full employment amount, and you do so by changing the priority numbers to the right.      The better you manage this, the better your employment is, and you get more of the high-tech folks the better your education system is.     Set the total to 120 for mostly educated people, or somewhere less than that and the remainder will end up as workers.    Build elementary, high schools, and colleges for better education.

Now, what would a country simulator be without war.      The final index you need to work is defense, and make sure that you have enough of the incredibly large variety of weapons to defend your country.     I’m still working on this, partly because each weapon you buy uses up some of your labor pool (low level workers and mid level managers), and partly because you are limited in the amount of weapons you can buy at one time.

If you can manage your employment well, the other concern (making enough money) becomes fairly straightforward.     Build corporations if they are all fully staffed and you have excess workers.      There can be public (you own them) or private corps (some other player owns it).    Private corps pay excellent taxes and make a huge amount of money for me in one of my countries.

With this knowledge, it’s a matter of sit and wait for time to pass, and your country to improve based upon your stellar management of government and industry.     Or you can blog about it too.


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