Posted by: mrrx | March 2, 2007

Faction Issues Galore

Barkscratch : 140 diplomacy.   Heard last night about the coming double XP weekend.     With that, decided it was time to head back to Thestra to be ready for that.     I had a lot to do with diplomacy equipment there.

Turned in all my information and completely filled my bank, and the broker, with diplomacy clothes.      This of course, meant it was time to travel to another continent again to fill up the bank and broker over there.     Ugh.     Well, it’s either that or vendor the stuff for 2cp each.

As I traveled, I made my way to a tiny island in the river, just south of Leth Nurae.    This is an elf city and one which I am KOS in.      I was thinking to do some faction grinding in this area, as last trip I came here and killed a few level 3 spiders, and received some faction points.

Except, it doesn’t work now.      Shoot, now what’s going on ?     Is that an intentional change or some kind of bug ?      I guessed that I’m not getting the faction due to trivial opponents, and the world channels provided no help.     So I continued on.

Continued making my way toward New Taragonar, and got killed while fighting a Shadow Fox.     These beasties got some kind of bonus during a recent patch, because they were nowhere near this resistant to my spells last trip.     The problem is I can’t get my roots to stick on them, they stick 1/3 of the time and resist my spells effectively.      Avoided them and looked for Kaon Spark mobs.

The lore for Leth Nurae includes something about these Kaons being the enemies of the elves.    OK – it would make sense that killing these beings would give you faction, and people in the world channel confirmed that.     Except, once again, it didn’t work.     So now I have no idea what to kill for Leth Nurae faction.

Drat, I wish I had done this earlier.    It used to work !

Got killed multiple times after that – nasty 20ish mobs on the wrong side of the river, and elves on a delay aggro trigger.     There’s apparently still a bug in the game related to KOS display; if you start out KOS with elves, you will see them with red names.    Once you have even 2 points of positive faction with them (I think you need 200), the names change color, but the elves are still KOS.    

But it’s not an immediate thing.      It took some time until they decided to attack.   I spoke to one elf gal and even got a quest from her, as she suddenly decided to waste me just as I’m hitting the accept button.      Mmm.    Deleting your quest bitch.

With all these deaths, I was in danger of losing my level.     Last thing I want to do is go back to level 11.      So as I traveled I killed what I could for some more XP until I got irritated by the whole thing and logged off.



  1. You can actually lose your level? I was not aware of that.. I thought I was told that you’d just accumulate “debt” shown in red on your exp bar… In fact I’m fairly certain you won’t actually lose your level unless that’s new.. I’ve died plenty of times just after gaining a level, and never lost it completely.. *frets*

  2. You don’t lose level. You get debt xp. Your xp bar will get red.

    Geregor Bedstone
    Dwarf, Florendyl
    cleric 13 / armorsmith 21

  3. LOL poor Barky!

    My friend NE of Veskals exchange is Verdant Lurker encampment.

    NW Hidden on the side of the big hill in the fog is a spiders cave.

    those two places give Leth faction. Next time I am on with Zaryndia’s help …Ill train the entire Verdant camp and aoe them down. That should boost your faction.

    200+ faction still gets agro but names are yellow.

    201 faction gained is when they stop attacking.

    I learned that at Khal on my Dark elf.

  4. That whole thing with the elf quest made me laugh.
    I figure she got what she deserved. And that Simcountry sounds a lot like Civilization, but not. I might check it out, if I get bored of all these other games and have nothing else to do. Browser games are like a last resort for me now. =/

  5. U cant lose a level u just get red xp debt ive had it happen to me then u have to grind off the debt until u get back to before u were killed lol…

  6. Fresh about after instead of concoct:

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