Posted by: mrrx | March 1, 2007

Station Access – Now With Higher Cost !

Not only is Station Access successful, it’s so well received they can raise the price up to $30 a month.  Anyone STILL think the Character Slots issue is about data space ?

$30 a month.    To play a computer game(s).      <old man> Back in my day, the damn games cost $30 each !    And you could play as long as you wanted, not one lousy month!     And you could have unlimited characters !</oldman>

There’s little doubt in my mind that most of the people on Station Access will stay on it.     They’ll have done their homework, and more people will suck it up and pay to offset those few who cancel angrily.   

I have a very negative opinion of it over character slots; I can see the attraction if you want to play many games, but I’m not that kind of person.     Apparently, I’m not the only one – so many people I know buy Station Access because that way they can have more characters.    The extra characters aren’t a bonus; they’re the primary reason for the purchase.     And Sony knows this too.

Still, I feel vindicated in that I knew this was coming – big big price increases as long as players put up with it.     And people flock to this pricing scheme by all accounts.

I’m beginning to wonder if they’re going to lose people like me as subscribers completely at some point – because they don’t have a $15-ish subscription available.      Could they get away with not offering subscriptions to individual games ?     With this kind of cost and revenue, I’m beginning to wonder.

I really didn’t need a push towards LOTRO and $10 / month.     But thanks for the reminder, Sony, on one reason why I should grab onto it with both hands.



  1. If they ever raise the regular subscription rates, I’m cancelling EQ2 and never playing it again. =(

    WoW FTW!

  2. SOE wouldn’t dare raise the standard subscription beyond the price of WoW. It would be a PR nightmare.

    SOE did make the extra character slot issue easy though. I can have four more on the same server with Station Access, or six more if I just make a new account, the price being the same.

    Unless I use the standard account multi-month pricing plans, in which case those six slots would actually be cheaper.

  3. Good point Wilhem. And yes 10 at lotr looks pretty good:)

  4. It would be cheaper to just buy a second account and have a total of 12 character slots, instead of using station access at all for 10 slots. So the character slots are not an issue any more.

    I know at least 10 people who are giving up their station access, and the 15 paged post on the EQ2 forums under ‘off topic’ is an indication that a larger amount of people are upset about this price hike (for various reasons). I can’t say I blame them. If you only play one game with any real dedication, the $24.99 was just barely excusable, with the fact that ‘some times’ you play the other game. But paying a full subscription for another game (or two) that you play casually, while focusing the majority of ones time in one game, is just… a lot of money to blow.

    /waves bu bye to her station access. Just simply not worth it.

  5. Well I am paying in Australian $$ so it works out to be more like $8 extra per month on current exchange rates for me 😦

    Really Really bugged about this – After what they did to Star Wars Galaxies (my wookie reacked master Doc Master Rifleman about a week before Combat upgrade and subsequent NGE) I am increasingly coming to believe that this company has NO RESPECT for the people who pay the subscriptions that keep them employed.

    I discussed this with my husband this morning – I would much rather spend my money with Blizzard who have consistently shown that they listen to and respect their subsribers, and provide a polished gaming experience.

    The latest EQII live update through yesterday and already servers went down this morning for a hotfix. And they are expecting us to pay MORE for this ??? And this is not to mention the people paying to play Vanguard which is still really in Beta by all reports.

    I know that my passion is reflected through much of the community. I get the feeling that the 20% increase in the station fee will not come anywhere close to covering the reduced revenue SOE can expect as of early April.

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