Posted by: mrrx | March 1, 2007

MMOSG ? MMOTG ? Whichever, it’s Simcountry

While logging into Google mail this weekend, I happened upon an advertisement for Simcountry.       I clicked in and found myself enjoying the whole thing immensely.

This is a massively-multiplayer web game.    It runs entirely under the web browser.     You take over a country in a world that is so massive, no player could actually manage to conquer the entire world.      And it’s time limited – aka the game runs in real time.     Each game month = 8 hours in the real world.   There’s only a few things you can/need to do each month so it seems it would go very well with playing other time-intensive games like MMORPG’s.

You decide whether to fight wars – which consume a ton of time – or to simply issue orders related to your corporations and national welfare.      You have to manage education, health care, national budget, national corporations, and many tiny little options.      There are automated helpers to assist with most stuff, or once you get a handle on things you can do them manually.     I think an experienced player can log on and give a few orders in 5 minutes and be done for an 8-hour cycle or longer.

You have to defend your country, and deciding what weapons to buy, and balancing their cost versus staffing versus need is a lot of fun.    War planning is something I only brushed on, but it’s clearly very complex and probably fascinating.

I can’t decide if it’s a sim, or a tycoon game.     Maybe it’s both.     You can play as a country president, or forgo all that ruling-people-and-warring thing and play as a business tycoon, owning dozens of corporations worldwide.     Me, I jumped in and became president of two countries.     Beautiful Downtown Burbank on the Golden Rainbow server; and Fife on White Giant.

If you can manage your countries well, you get rewards including “gold coins”.    These can be spent to buy additional population, game money, or various boosts that will assist you in playing the game.      I’m chasing the coins right now.    Guess I’ll see how well that works out in the end.

The cost isn’t too bad either.      Pay a fee for 3 or 6 months of play, or even longer.    The first month is free, in the best MMO tradition, but there’s no cost to start – just log in and play.     Free play might be something refreshing, especially for the Station Access crowd out there 🙂 .



  1. Sounds interesting.

  2. Simcountry is like a very large onion. the more you peel the more complex it gets.

    I have been playing for 3 months and I am still learning how to manage money while I work on the war aspect of the game

    The war part is changing as we speak with armies that can be dropped from planes

    Of course you need to have special airports built. but the good thing is is that you can build them in hostile territories to aid in your attacks

    I am still trying to absorb the concept of defense and fiscal responsibilities.

    I dont even want to mention the enterprise aspect of the game. I have 200 corporations and they give me a headache every day. but I love them


  3. Yes, fun game… though it does have a little big of a learning curve.

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