Posted by: mrrx | February 28, 2007

Parley the Council

Barkscratch : Ding 132.    Went back and forth in the Hall of Glyphs, doing parleys with 150-skill academics and others as the opportunities arose.      

There were the two academics with 150 skill; a 75 and 50 skill academic; a cleric with 50 skill; and the roving clerics.     These two are a pain.    For whatever reason, they run constantly up and down the staircase, and you have to hail them and start a parley as they are running in order to get them to stop.     It was something to break up the routine a little bit though, so I didn’t mind terribly.

Finally, after I hit 125, I started wandering the city again.   Ca’ial Brael is a fun place to just walk around and look for opponents.      The Elf Deck is proof against most of the people in the city at the right skill level.     When I went after a 175 skill NPC he slaughtered me.      Still looking to see if there are any other “crippled” ones at 175 skill that I can beat all the time and could therefore grind up on.

I have a rather high academic and soldier presence now.    Working my way up to 75 which gives some civic diplomacy benefits.

Eventually I found the council chambers, with many noble NPC’s in here.     Chatter on message boards says this is a good place to grind, and they were totally correct.    I found three NPC’s I can beat on both the RGY parley, and the RBY parley – the only difference is swapping Loud Criticism with Itemized Comparison.      AKA, swapping a blue card and a green one.    

I then went back and forth on the six parleys; three of the one, then three of the other.     Only had to walk the length of a room, and by the time one set of three was done, the other set of three parleys had refreshed.   Played these boys for awhile until it was time to log off.

I’m getting quite the large stack of information, and I turned some of it in inside the Hall of Glyphs when I tripped over an informant – you can see him in the screenshot below.     Have to turn in more of this stuff, then gate back to Thestra and sell the gear.     I’m told the Kojan gear sells well on Thestra and vice versa.



  1. I wish I could comment on your blog still, but I have no clue what you are talking about now that you are playing Vanguard! Sounds like you are doing well though:)

  2. Dont worry Adele I play Vanguard with him.

    Im an adventurer/crafter

    He went the old Diplomat route…which is a lot like a Trading Card Game Duel with the NPC’s.

    Its very story driven , dramaish, and stuff.

    I don’t even try it myself. I did test it in beta. An interesting part of gameplay but not for me.

    But with debate and dueling with his in game built Card deck he is progressing far.

    In eq2 terms he does verbal debates with Npc’s ..performing blackmail, information gathering, persuading other factions and gaining faction for himself and standing .. A politician lol. So like if hes a Freeport guy…his diplomacy skill may gain him favor with Qeynos and allow him to get close to Queen Antonica with is verbal persuasion.

    VG is very big faction driven game and diplomacy can open up special quests or gain you access to things others may not.

    Personally I just kill my way to gain faction. Slaughter an entire town to gain favor of a city. =p

    Hope that this makes more sense.

  3. Yes it does:) It actually sounds interesting. Although sometimes one is in need of a good slaughtering!

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