Posted by: mrrx | February 26, 2007

Missed the Stress Test

I have been deliberately not playing LOTRO.       I made my Beta contribution, which also sold me on the game.

But this weekend was the stress test, which seems to have gotten a ton of press (or is it chatter?    Coverage ? )   among the various bloggers in my MMO-commentary circuit.   After reading all of that I’m bummed that I didn’t get to do it the first time with a decent, stable PC.     



  1. Middle earth would be better for your presence assuredly.

    You didn’t miss much in the stress test other than an opportunity to turn off OOC chat and beta test “/ignore add” IMHO. 😉

    Are you going to do Open Beta/Rollover?

  2. You had to mention OOC during the stress test…. I like to run around with default settings because I believe that most people will be running that way for their initial experience, but I had to find a way to turn off OOC. It was non-stop spam on topics like:

    -LOTRO sucks
    -LOTRO is great
    -LOTRO is better than Vanguard
    -Vanguard is better than LOTRO
    -EQ2 is better than Vanguard
    -One of the above is better than WoW
    -WoW is better than one/all of the above
    -Elves are better than dwarves
    -You suck
    -My dad can beat up your dad

    It was frightening, and I thought I had experience bad OOC chat before.

    But yes, if you’re going to try out the open beta we left coasters ought to pick a server and hook up.

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