Posted by: mrrx | February 26, 2007

Alt-Tab & Vanguard Do Not Play Well Together

This not-a-review made me giggle madly.     Talk about nailing most (not all) of the problems with Vanguard.       If you can’t grab people, it shouldn’t be a requirement to play through the “bad parts” until you get numbed or have an epiphany and decide you like a game.    I’m only puzzled at why he dislikes the environment (“plastic”), which is extremely well done from where I sit.

Barkscratch did as promised and ground away on the two Gladesworns.      I managed to achieve Diplomacy 117, very close to my goal of 120 or bust.      Well, in between doing other non-gaming stuff.      Wish I hadn’t forgotten to retry installing a custom UI like Drox.

Now what was interesting was alt-tabbing back and forth from the game to my desktop.     Every time I do this – my screen resolution gets reset in Vanguard.      My 1280×1024 Vanguard resolution changes to 1024×768 – where my desktop is set at.      This causes no end of annoyance.

But what worked really well was standing in front of Illegas.     Run through his conversation; he’s on a couple-minute timer to restart it.     I’d alt-tab out and work on the monthly bills.      Then tab back in and run through his conversation.    It was a bit hard with the cards all gigantic and tooltips covering everything, but I managed.    Alt-tab out and finish up the bills.    Back in and do some conversations.     Back out and tweak my MP3 directory.      Back in and run more parleys.

Diplomacy is tailor-made for multi tasking.     Do your gaming and get household chores and other tasks done, with no guilt.

Eventually I found a problem with doing these parleys – I’m supposed to be getting presence increases every 14 parleys or so, maximum; but I’m not getting any.      A circuit with these two NPC’s is four parleys; I clearly did more than four circuits, yet my presence hasn’t moved an inch.      What’s going on here ?     Is Kojan bugged for Thestran diplomats ?     Is is a race / class conflict ?     Who knows for sure; what I do know is that I can get the presence increases in Thestra, specifically Derogar’s.

The attraction of beating up a 150-skill NPC is a strong one, as is getting myself up to that lofty level.      At the same time, presence is important, and all parleys give some amount of skill XP.      Derogar’s or Cail Brael ?       I’m not sure but I’ll figure it out tonight.



  1. Heh, I loved that whole “not a review”, nailed a lot of things on the head. If it wasn’t for the fact that I already pay for station access, I wouldn’t be playing any longer.

    The tabbing in and out of the game is annoying, I agree. My UI keeps getting all jumbled around and resized on me any time I attempt to play, I typically play windowed, so I could look up quests, found out Vanguard does not like that at all and it kicked my FPS down a lot, switched to full screen, and gained a few, but then lost the ability to window out… grr.

    Decided to move my DE from her home town of… where ever that was, I forget now.. to Tanvu, so today’s been a faction grinding day. Half done!

  2. I think that review is amusing as well lol..Im the same i like vanguard but wouldnt cancel wow for it..but its great its station access..:) I got bored with ranger and have started a necro which is great fun but dip just doesnt do it for me bit of a grind 😉

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