Posted by: mrrx | February 25, 2007

New Grinding Spot


A pic of the Tawar Galan Harbor 

Barkscratch : Ding 107 diplomat.        After grabbing the required noble gear (all I needed was two items from my bank for 15 noble presence) I headed out to through the wilds of Thestra again and gated over to Kojan.     The trip was uneventful this time; I took the lessons learned from my first trip to heart, and wasn’t threatened once.       Thankfully, I didn’t experience any crash deaths either.

Ran through the quest which was pretty simple, and boom I had my diplomacy pouch for information storage.   It’s pretty nice, and unlike some players who have complained about losing their belt slot, I don’t have anything to put in belt slot yet so it’s nothing but positive for me.      After finishing, though, the last thing I wanted to do was go back to Halgarad immediately.

Spent the last session exploring a bit in Kojan.     I was expecting a little outpost near the newbie area to have NPC’s which I could go after for Civic Diplomacy, but I was disappointed.     Nowhere did I see the same plethora of 50, 75 and 100 skill NPC’s like I had seen at Derogar’s Outpost.      Ventured all along the southern portion of Kojan, searching in vain through area after area, when I found myself a nice little spot.

Aeralyn Gladsworn is a 75 skill soldier standing on the road north of Cail Brael.   I have many decks that beat her ever time, and she has three parleys.      She’s messed up, she shouldn’t be so easy on all three types of parleys.    So I wanted to pound on her for awhile, grind some skill and soldier presence, but after I finish all three parleys there’s a restart timer on her.    What to do ?

I noted that there was another guard south of her – Ilegas Gladesworn.     This guy is a 150 skill NPC, much tougher than my paltry skill.     Except, he appears to be very strong in green skill, but without it, not so bad.

It turns out I can beat him every time on a RBY parley.    He’s heavy into demand and eating up inspire.     I’m heavy into demand, use inspire quicker than my card refresh, and use a yellow card and Snippet of Wisdom for some added movement.     Despite having only a few points he needs to get rid of, I can score consecutively long enough to beat him a lot.

And it didn’t take too many parleys, combining these two NPC’s, until I started getting skillup points.

Made it to 107 and logged off.     Think I’ll stay here until the coming revamp of diplomacy.     You see, the dev’s have decided that added randomization is needed for diplomacy NPC’s.      Great – just what I *did not* want to hear.     They’re already way to difficult, now they’re going to make them *even harder* ?.

Any revamp could be OK – if they make the failure penalties a lot softer.     But no hint of better failure penalties is out there, making me very nervous about the change.     I suppose we’ll see – it’s not like I can’t adventure and craft if they mess up the game anyway.


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