Posted by: mrrx | February 22, 2007

Slow going with Diplomacy

Barkscratch : Ding 102 diplomacy.     Armed with his new card slot, I scoured my deck for a better card to play against my 100ish domestic friends.     And unfortunately….. I didn’t really come up with one.

The main characteristic the Halgarad NPC’s have in common is feeding me lots of blue expression.     I have a card that turns 2 blue into 4 green, and one other blue card I use extensively (Loud Criticism).     Green has the same problem – only a single “good” card I can use (Itemized Comparison).     So I find myself with a ton of unused blue expression, which I simply cannot use no matter what I do.   

I eventually found a deck that let me defeat two of the five pretty consistently, was always a loser with a third and fourth, and with inconsistent results on the fifth.      Not really good enough to play seriously.

So if I want to get more/better cards by questing, I need more presence and skill points; so the search for upgrades is a vicious cycle.      I’m toying with the idea of creating an alt solely for the purpose of getting cards and mailing them to Barkscratch.     One or two good ones might turn the tide.

Back to Derogar’s once again, where I found that taking the Power Deck and adding various simple cards (Snippet of Wisdom, Blanket Accusation) combined with my movement-point lead let me defeat many more NPC’s.     Not Derogar – he is a 100 skill NPC with very nice cards.     To defeat him you need cards that let you use the many green and blue skill points he feeds you.      Pretty big weakness I’ve got in my deck eh ?

 I might also just need to try a non RGB parley, aka Incite.      What if I selected a type that excluded blue ?     Choke on that you inspiring domestics.    Or suppose I built something with the RBY group, for the green-feeders ?     Could probably get a circuit going including Derogar and some/all of the Halgarad domestics in that case.

It’s either that, or do the simple circuits around Derogar’s again.      I’d rather not; I’m not going to let myself get bored.     If that happens it’ll be time to craft again.



  1. Move to other area. Diferent races use diferent cards. Certainly there is a race that your hand can be a sure winner.

    An outpost can be a good option now, you will find NPCs from diferent races at outposts. Or if you are more corageous, move to the thestran capital city, New Targonor.

    The game assume you are moving from the starter cities to outposts or to the capital or to player cities while you grind. At level 10+ adventuring or level 10 + crafting a player problably is moving out the start city for find better quests or get access to best recipes (from quests) or get better gear from quests (both adventurer or crafter). I am a dwarf, but I am trying now a crafter quest from Leth Nurae (good gear as reward) and I am working at Velkar’s Exchange. Other good outpost to work as crafter is Southwatch, but the last days some bad evil mobs are crossing the wall following players and killing the crafters there. I too made some WO at Tursh (a lot of WOs there). Move out, that can make some good to your chances to find easy NPCs to beat.

    I think there are quests for diplomats above 50 skill at diferent places of the world. I saw one at Ca’ial Brael. You will need make some trips to find them and get the rewards (gear? cards?).

    Soon, player cities buildings will be implemented. Player cities’ administration will be other field for diplomats work. For now is every guild and some players at mid 10 and mid 20 looking at the plot areas and thinking at buy a plot and build a house. The first houses and first ships are being made now, I give one month for the first player cities appear.

    At the next two or three months they will implement the merchant system for diplomacy. Be warned, you will need trip to every place at Telon if you try the merchant system. But that can be a good system for advance to 200+ or 300+ skill.

    A problem you can have if you are a vulmane is that elves, dwarves and humans don’t like vulmanes. Not a serious problem, you can grind your faction killing some mobs.

    Vanguard is not a game for you stay forever at only one place. Move out your home city. Skill 100+ is like level 10+ at crafting and adventuring, it is time for you move out your home city.

    Geregor Bedstone
    cleric 13 / armorsmith 21

  2. “Move to other area. Diferent races use diferent cards. Certainly there is a race that your hand can be a sure winner.”

    Lots of good advice and possibilities there. Thing is, if they meant for you to move around a lot while you grind diplomacy, they failed because of the need to document what it is you’re doing with each NPC.

    I have all the needed info to know whether I can kill something or not. Look at its level, number of dots, and think about how you defeated all the other monsters you fought in order to kill it. All your skills are available during each fight.

    For diplomacy, I *do not* know what cards the other guy has, I *do not* get all my abilities for each parley, and I *do not* know which exact tactics to employ (listen, build my expression, starve his, etc).

    The way you find out how to play each parley is try the NPC out. See how things go and what he does. Then adjust your tactics and deck accordingly. This kind of play does not go well with wandering around and trying out NPC’s. And with a bad memory like mine, you have to take paper notes on each guys tactics. Squeal like a pig boy !

    All that said – if I can’t get anywhere, after a thorough pass through Derogar’s/Halgarad, you are totally correct, I should probably try another town before giving up on diplomacy. But it’s a long-term commitment (aka some several hour play sessions) versus something to do in between adventures.

    I’m looking forward to the various promised diplo changes. They sound like fun.

  3. “For diplomacy, I *do not* know what cards the other guy has, I *do not* get all my abilities for each parley, and I *do not* know which exact tactics to employ (listen, build my expression, starve his, etc).”


    Demand races: dwarf, vulmane, varanthari, wood elf, orc, mordebi human.

    Reason races: high elf, gnome, goblin, kojanese human.

    Inspire races: tehstran human, varanjar, lesser giant, dark elf.

    Flattery races: halfling, qaliathari human, kurashasa, half elf, raki.

    Sadly, merchant system is not implemetned, That system will certainly force teh diplomats to move from one city to other.

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