Posted by: mrrx | February 21, 2007

Ding 100

One more night making the rounds of Derogar’s Outpost.      I lost some unbelievably easy parleys to Bjorn the 50-skill soldier.    That guy can be tricky.

I also started to beat several other NPC’s in the area, including the Fighter trainer with 100-skill.      And after enough circuits I finally managed it – Ding 100 diplomat.

 Now, once you manage to get 100 skill points, you get another card added to your deck, for a total of six.     This changes things a bit – now, I should have more options to defeat more NPC’s with the same deck.       The sub-100 skill guys should get even easier, while the 100+ guys should be more beatable.      I didn’t get much chance to use the knowledge as it was very late when I logged off.

 Looking for at least another 20 skill points before giving diplomacy a rest.    That will bring me to “12th level” in two spheres, and after which I may go for crafting.

Playing diplomacy seems to be all about skill points.      Presence points give you access to NPC’s to parley, but don’t apparently affect your success.     Prestige – I have no idea what this does.      But skill does a lot – it clearly affects the number of “movement points” in play, and the higher you get your skill the more likely you are to win any parley, assuming you can score on the other guy at all.



  1. They will implement the classes for who have skill 300 +.

    Taht will change the game for who get to that level.

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