Posted by: mrrx | February 20, 2007

Derogar Diplomacy – Take IV

Barkscratch : Ding 92 diplomat.      Did a few more rounds in Derogar’s outpost, and noting how full my inventory was getting with all of the rumors and hearsay, decided it was time for a trip.

Veskal’s Exchange has all the information brokers available, so I got on my horse and made the run.        It was uneventful – I avoided anything aggro and got there without a hitch.        Sheesh, did I get a lot of stuff or what.    

My bank is now full except for one slot – the bank has some kind of bug, where you must put things into an empty slot and not stack them, thus I left the one slot empty.      I also filled up the broker with items for sale.      My flux powder (a smithing utility) just will not sell; I’m going to have to give it away almost which is a shame.      Put up nine pieces of diplomacy clothing as well and hope it sells well.       There wasn’t much for sale so I’m hopeful people will buy this stuff.

Next I went to a group of domestics near the gates leading to Derogar’s.     After a couple of tries, I found a deck that works pretty well on all of them.    Three 100 skills and one 125 skill.     Made a few rounds, then discovered that bad luck on reuse timers on my cards can lead to a loss, and did several times.       Looks like I want to revisit these people later after I have more skill – and thus an advantage in points to shed – before bouncing around among them.

So ended the evening where I started it – Derogar’s – in front of my friend Swiftfang Cloa.     I may be grinding another 18 points with these people.


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