Posted by: mrrx | February 19, 2007

Derogar’s Diplomacy – The Marathon

Barkscratch : Ding 90 diplomacy.      For the past few sessions it’s been a simple loop.    Use the power deck with one exception, and rotate between these NPC’s

  • Swiftfang Cloa (Ridiculously easy, both for RGB and RBY parleys)
  • Bjorn Hrolgar
  • Kinneah Simoro
  • Logogar
  • Tarlinna Gunston
  • Shield Tromel (with the noted card switch)

I beat a few other NPC’s as I mixed it up to forestall boredom, but basically this was my gaming.

It’s very interesting how they managed to both keep diplomacy “dangerous” in that it is possible to lose any of these parleys if you goof, interesting in that I continued to play the card game for hour after hour, and stupid that I continue to repetitively grind out the diplomacy levels.      Remember kids – don’t take risks.     Do the same thing over and over.     I believe I ended up with 2200 Halgarad and Dahknarg faction, and 550 prestige faction as well.

Because I selected a nice variety of NPC types, I also have earned several presence points for crafters, academics, soldiers, and domestics.

There are several 100-skill NPC’s just inside of Halgarad who I could figure out next.    Or I could continue the loop here outside Derogar’s.     It’s a bit hard to decide, but one big factor is finding enough NPC’s you can defeat with the same deck close by.    Switching around your decks a lot is an irritating pain, so I’d rather try easy NPC’s than hard ones if I have to redo the decks between parleys.


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