Posted by: mrrx | February 16, 2007

Derogar’s Diplomacy, Part II

Barkscratch : Ding 72 diplomat.    It was a short session tonight unfortunately, but got some good stuff done.

Firstly, I found out how to defeat Shield Tramel.     Switch out one card in my Power Deck and he’s toast.

  • Blunt Evaluation (gives red & blue expression)
  • Vulmane Howl (4 red cost, 5 movement)
  • Greener Pastures (rebut, eats 2 blue from opponent)
  • Flat Dismissal (turn 2 green into 4 red)
  • Loud Criticism (2 blue cost, three movement)

Beat him four times with that deck.     It turns out I have two rebuttals, a red one that eats yellow from my opponent, and the green one that eats blue.

Took some advice I read on forums, namely, go after those 100 skill NPC’s even at this level.    I got STOMPED.    About 7 times.   So much for that idea; I much prefer winning parleys and determining which decks should be used to win.     Remember, one lesson I’m taking from this process is DO NOT TAKE RISKS.     So I’ll stick to the guys my level or closer to it.     Also, it turns out that there is NO TRIVIALIZING diplomacy XP.    Yay !

There’s no game mechanic in MMO’s more annoying than “grey mobs”.      Kill something and get NO experience for it.     Zero, zip zilch.   Never mind if the thing could actually kill you; it’s been determined you will get no XP for it.     It should, instead, be more a matter of not enough to matter and you should move on after other things.     But why zero ?     I had assumed that this was also the case with diplomacy, but I’m reliably informed its not true.     Even at 70, I got a skill point off of a 50 skill mob too, so that makes things MUCH more enjoyable and worthwhile.

I tried out several NPC’s attempting to get an idea what deck I could use to defeat them.    Other than Tramel didn’t succeed with any of them.     Did do several circuits around the outpost knocking out many parleys before logging off.



  1. Wow 72 eh, nice job! I’m sitting at 50 now with my blood mage, still enjoying diplomacy but being frustrated with a few that I just simply can’t seem to beat (how on earth did they play cards three times in a row that moved their piece three moves with no points stocked up?!) so I got annoyed fast today. -.-

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