Posted by: mrrx | February 13, 2007

Reviews & Woes

Here is the funniest review I’ve seen so far of Vanguard.      The reviewer gives the game a “20%” score.

Why does it get such a bad score ?     No matter what the guy tried to do, he couldn’t get it to install on his PC.     Granted, he doesn’t disclose just *what* that PC is, but if he’s not a complete doorknob installing this on his XP1800, why was he not able to get it running ?

Even worse – check out what happened to this EQ2dalian.     He bought Vanguard, lost his receipt, and got a carboard box only for his troubles.     His key is no good, no refund, no gaming either.

So after reading this, I log in to find out my buddy key is expired.     My hopes of playing for free forever due to a technical glitch were dashed.     Uh oh.    Now I’ve got to get my subscription working – am I going to have the same problem ?

Not the slightest hint of a hitch.     I said no when I was asked to buy extra character slots via station access – helpfully illustrated for me just as Everquest 2 was.      “With a regular subscription, you can have 8 characters (shows the pictures)……… but with Station Access you get FOUR bonus characters !   (shows the pictures).”      Sigh.     The bitter taste of defeat is still in my mouth.

And the next thing I knew I was back in the world of Telon, $50 lighter.

Worked diplomacy for awhile until I ended up bored – Ding 62.    They should have implemented diplomacy experience, rather than this silly skillup system.      It gets really boring hitting the same NPC’s, over and over, in the hopes of a skillup when they are relatively rare (maybe 20% chance?).    

The fact that only Civic Diplomacy in Derogar’s Outpost is available right now makes things worse.      Once you figure out the right deck to defeat an NPC, it’s just a matter of how well the random numbers (replay turns for the cards) hit to determine if you’ll win or lose.     I went back and forth and did maybe 20 rounds of diplomacy, succeeded in maybe 17 of them, and got two points for my trouble.    Ay yi yi.

Don’t get me wrong – the diplomacy card game is fun and the random element goes quite a way keeping it interesting.     But when you’re doing it to earn skillup points, each failure to get a point just looms large and makes you want to quit.

But I think I have the answer to hearsay, thanks to Silky Venom’s wiki.     The informant in Halgarad is a blackmail informant.     I need a different one; probably in Veskal’s Exchange, which I think is fairly close to Vault of Heroes.     So I should be able to turn in all these things I’ve collected and get…….. something out of it.     Headed off in that direction.

Finished a single quest – the Juggler – by joining a couple of other guys at the gnoll camp, and fighting our way into the tent.      The bad news was that only once person in the group gets the juggler – everybody else is just along for the ride.    Technical problems knocked some groupmates, and then me, out of the game and that was the end for the night.



  1. VSoH is not finished. It was launched before that.

    Diplomacy is not completed. There is only the basic diplomacy:
    1- newbie diplomacy;
    2- civic diplomacy.

    Civic diplomacy is the base for everything that the diplomacy sphere will have. But a lot of things aren’t implemented yet:
    1- diplomacy classes (after skill 300);
    2- writs and embassies (quests for get some “political” positions, including embassies to foreign kingdoms);
    3- merchant (a nice way to a diplomat get rich);

    The only thing to make now is get up your diplomacy skills for when that things get implemented (next 2 months) you have the skills for get them.

    The quests will be not easy, you need skill 300 for get a class and it is good you win your diplomacy parleys or you will lose money if you try merchant.

    So, better get your skills up while you wait they implement all diplomacy sphere…

    More info at

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