Posted by: mrrx | February 13, 2007

Diplomacy – Skillups or XP ?

Good info here for any diplomat frustrated with skill-up rates :

There is a hidden experience amount you earn with each parley that is based on your relative skill level compared to that of the skill of the conversation. When you “level” you get a skill point.

Thus, it’s a hybrid system between the levelling you know and love so well and the skill system you know and love so well.

So it is in fact a “levelling” system, but missing the XP bar.    No reason to feel helpless about skillup rates; every successful parley gives you some XP, although you don’t get to see how much it is.      Here’s hoping that’s the NEXT thing they patch in – a diplomacy XP bar.



  1. Sooner or later they will change for a system of levels. They need make that change when thye implement the classes, that start at skill 300.

    An advice: higher skill NPCs give more xp, however they are more dificult to win.

    Geregor Bedstone
    cleric 13 / armorsmith 17

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