Posted by: mrrx | February 10, 2007

Day 9 – Crafting Madness

Barkscratch : Ding 8 outfitter.    Ground out some more crafting levels.    Well, grind is the wrong word.    It’s varied enough that it’s still quite a bit of fun.

That said, there’s some things wrong with crafting.    There’s no recipe window; and no way to tell which recipes give you XP and which don’t.     I do get messages in the UI when I “master” a recipe, but I’m supposed to just remember that ?     The only way to see your recipes is to target a table and act like you’re going to make the item; and there’s no XP indicator that I can decipher.

And a minor advangtageous bug : I believe I got more Dahknarg artisan faction (2) in Halgarard than in Dahknarag (1).    If that’s by design I don’t understand why.

I even did crafting “wrong” and managed that level.    You see, I was making everything quality level D.      The rumor is you get more XP for a higher quality level.     When I was trying things out at higher quality, I figured I would be getting paid more, and when I didn’t get extra coins, I gave up on it.     The way it works is, you can get XP at item creation, and work order turnin.    With quality D, you get no XP at creation.   

Got tired of crafting ultimately, and headed back to Derogar’s Outpost for more diplomacy,   Ding .60    The skillups take such a long time to come.    I’m waiting for 60 before I try any other NPC’s.



  1. Quality grade D give no xp. Final.

    The task orders, while you don’t get them, say what level of dificulty they have: difficult, moderate, easy, very easy, trivial, impossible. In that order, the orders on top are difficult, orders on bottom are impossible.

    1- trivial give no xp for completing the order;
    2- dificult you problably will get to grade D if you don’t fail tottally, grade D give no xp when crafted, but you get the xp from completing the order;
    3- normally, you can get moderate to grade C, easy to grades B or A, very easy to grade A.

    Take care with orders that are “flawless”, they can be classyfied as moderate but are dificult or be classified as easy but are moderate, let’s say they are the top difficult at a difficulty grade.

    The orders can be for make one item, 3 items or 5 items. One item give money, 3 items give money and utilities, 5 items give money, utilities and a chance to get an gear item. Higher the quality grade, higher the reward.

    The strategy that I am trying now (I tryed other strategies before) is get moderate orders with 3 or 5 items. I get xp from completing the items at grade C, I get xp from completing the orders and I have a razoable chance to gain a crafting gear as reward.

    If you get to level 11 as crafter, you can start two quests. One for advance to amateur rank, other for specialize at mineralogy or carpentry. You will have no new recipes if you don’t advance to amateur rank.

    There are otehr quests for crafters at the cities. You need find them. They are dificult to complete because you need the help of other crafters, one crafter cannot complete all items alone. They give crafting gear and CRAFTING xp. It is a good way to grind faster crafting.

    Geregor Bedstone
    cleric 12 / armorsmith 15

  2. I had issues trying to figure out the difficulty of the work orders too, why on earth the order would be – difficult (top) moderate, easy, very easy, trivial and then impossible I have no idea.. it doesn’t quite make sense to me.. shouldn’t trivial be on the very bottom with impossible on the top if they’re going to do it that way?? Maybe I’m still missing something, sitting at crafter level 3 and not planning on moving any time soon 😉

  3. Well, they were that way you descripted at Beta. Impossible at top, trivial on bottom.

    I guess that some people started to get impossible for mistake… then they put impossible at the bottom where you need scroll down for find it.

    Impossible is just that… impossible, you will fail, no enough action points for complete it.

    Geregor Bedstone
    cleric 12 / armorsmith 16

  4. There is a crafting window by the way.. if you hit uh.. your abilities, P I think it is, and tab to crafting, you can see your recipes and what each takes to make them so you can plan supplies ahead of time. They don’t show you any order though or which may be harder to make then others or which are trivial.

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