Posted by: mrrx | February 7, 2007

Day 6 – Crafting Clarity, Diplomacy Difficulty

Barkscratch : Ding 4 blacksmith.     Went ahead and got into the crafting with both hands, and I’m pleased with the way it works.

The metal crafting process starts by forming a raw material; adding fuel and other components; shaping and pounding; and finally finishing.     The process works very well and stays interesting.      You have choices along the way, including what quality level to try and make something at.       And if you choose wrong, you run out of “action points” and your crafting session fails.

The work order methodology is very well done.    Get a work order, and you get the raw materials needed to do it.     You get the recipe temporarily – it poofs after you are done crafting.     You need to buy the fuel and “utilities” in Vanguard-speak, aka the other components needed to do things like oil, water, etc.    You get paid for your work; but that’s not the main reason I was doing it.

Mainly I did them for the XP gain, and the hope that being a higher-level crafter will get me some nice stuff to make.      I sure can’t use any of this; Druid Blacksmith ?    That was an oops all right.     But hopefully I can make weapons and sell them or something like that.     The coin you get from the work orders barely, or doesn’t, cover your fuel and utility cost.     It didn’t bother me though, because unlike EQ2 the crafting here isn’t *boring* to do.

One very nice touch is the number of possible work orders; I made copper pots, copper swords, copper boots, copper jacks – and hardly scratched the surface.      It’s fun to imagine making the many different things as you craft.     Blacksmithing also apparently consists of “finishing” and “refining”, and has two taskmasters, both of whom I got various jobs from.

Now, various complications arose as I crafted, and about half of them required tools that I don’t have.     I bought a second toolbelt and put a rasp into it; but I can only access one toolbelt at a time while I craft apparently.      You can switch them out, but you lose action points, which turned me off of the idea right away.      I tried to buy a four-slot toolbelt but that didn’t work out.

I’m confused by this equipment expertise stuff.    I have 73% free expertise as a crafter; the four-slot toolbelt required 50%.      And yet, when I tried to buy it, it was ghosted out as if I couldn’t use it.    Why is that ?     Doesn’t make sense – there must be some level or skill restriction that’s not shown.

If the intent is to allow an eensy teensy bit of profit with the system, I think they’ve failed.     But they’ve made an engaging system otherwise.      The recipes I got to make things aren’t very useful – I don’t know what they are from their names, and didn’t take the time to view each one given the availability of work orders.     I expect that’ll come with time.

After I got done with crafting, I headed out and finished up the newbie diplomacy quests.     You find evidence that a Bloodhowler is loose inside Dahknarg, and you want to stop him.    Along the way, you accuse the wrong guy, figure out who the correct guy is, stop the summoning ceremony, and get the right guy put onto trial.    

Wow, bravo guys.     This was a quest series with a great plot, lots of things to do, plenty of challenge – exactly what I want to see out of quests.      Now, afterwards, I can apparently start the “horse quest” from diplomacy, and do Civic Diplomacy.    I started with the latter.

Civic Diplomacy is a great idea in theory – if only I could find somebody to try and practice it on.     It took quite a long time, but finally in Derogar’s Outpost I found maybe three different people who I had enough “presence” with, and who were only level 50 difficulty, so that I could try it out.      Level 75, the next highest, I was unable to engage.

I struck out both times, and took a faction hit for trying.     Ouch.      Well, they are repeatable but not on a fast timer apparently.      Due to the late hour I decided to try again tomorrow.



  1. Some comments and a few advices:

    1. civic diplomacy: start it at the cities, not at outposts, at cities there are NPCs with skill 50 you can beat, move to outposts when you diplomacy skill is higher.

    2. crafting: after level 10 you will have the recipes and the skills for craft some items you will sell; after level 20 you start to get the recipes you sell for the big money.

    3. Equipmente expertise: the expertise is affected by the item level and by the item rarity: mundane, common, uncommon, rare, heroic, legendary; however, the system show only the expertise by the level, so be warned some items have higher expertise coust than showed.

    4. item rarity: more powerfull is the item, rarer; for the same level, an item uncommon is more powerfull than an item common; the player made copper armor rank A I can make at level 14 armorsmith is uncommon, better than the armor the other players obtained from quests and mobs; and I am a level 12 cleric, so I can use the copper armor I made for compare with the armor I obtained from quests or mobs.

    5. if you are guessing it, yes, it is possible to a crafter make rare, heroic and legendary items; I have a recipe that I think will make a rare item, I just don’t have the resources and skill for use it now; and I guess that tehre are recipes for heroic and legendary items, but they aren’t easy to get, they will need rare resources and they aren’t easy to craft;

    6- some crafter tips:
    a – choice what will be your specialization sooner possible and lock the skill for the other specialization; so, if you go for weaponsmith, lock armorsmith skill and vice versa;
    b- i fyou want xp faster, make the one item orders, faster possible and don’t look quality;
    c- if you want gain some crafting gear, resources, utilities and tools, make the orders with 5 items, rank easy, and go for quality A.

    7. at level 11 you make a quest for specialization and a quest for go to rank amateur crafter.

  2. 1. I’ll take your word for it that 50 skill NPC’s exist. I looked all over Halgarad and couldn’t find a single one though.

    4. That’s good news, so it should be possible to sell products, or buy friends by giving it away 🙂 . Everything I’m wearing at the moment is item drops, and I don’t have anywhere near all my slots filled.

    6. Great tips, I hadn’t grasped that stuff yet. I couldn’t tell if I got any more money by doing higher quality items for a couple of reasons.

    You can’t do the same work order twice in a row, so you can’t directly compare. And sometimes I ran out of action when trying to raise the quality level thus really wasting money 🙂 .

  3. “You can’t do the same work order twice in a row, so you can’t directly compare. And sometimes I ran out of action when trying to raise the quality level thus really wasting money 🙂 .”

    Ok, more tips.

    The orders have dificult degree: trivial, very easy, easy, moderate, dificult, very dificult, impossible. Don’t try trivial (no xp) and impossible (it is impossible). I don’t advice very dificult.

    For go to grade A or B, try easy or very easy. Moderate you can go to grade C, some Moderates are easier and can go tograde B. Dificult, don’t try quality, use action points for complete the item. You will end at grade D, you will get no xp from completing the craft, but you will get xp from compelting the order. And higher the order dificult rank, higher the xp.

    I forgot to say, there is 3 skills: for use tools, utilities and the crafting stations. The station diminish the chance of complications, if you care about it. Tools is very good to advance, there is very usefull tool actions wiht higher skill. Utilities give actions that give good advance to quality. My advice is, choice one to maximize, but mantain the other two 10% to 20% bellow the skill you are maximizing. That will lesser the fail and complication chance.

    After level 10 you start to make the items that will sell, not big items and not big money, but it is a start. Backpacks, armor (low level armor), weapons, rings. You need find your market.

    As a blacksmith/armorsmith I can make pristine copper harvesting tools (2 silvers, but competition will low the price to 1 silver), copper armor (chest can go for 4-5 silver) and I have a special recipe for a dagger that low level mages like (1 silver, but now is going for 50 copper). Pristine bags made by outfitters is going for 5 silvers. I don’t know how much are the prices for player made weapons at 10-20 level range, but I know that they are problably the better weapons disponible at that level.

    More some levels and I can start to make tin armor and tin horseshoes. Pristine horseshoes can go to 10 silvers. Tins armor pieces start at 10 silvers and go up (helm is cheaper and chest is more expensive). Tin harvest tools go up 10 silvers. I have a recipe for upgrade tin armor pieces to nickel armor. An upgraded chest armor will be gold pieces.

    After level 20 the big money start. Ships. Houses. Iron armor. Iron weapons. But after level 20 resources are more expensive, then the player market circle start: crafters buy resources from adventurers and adventurers buy crafted items from crafters.

    A reminder: 100 copper = 1 silver, 100 silver = 1 gold, 100 gold = 1 platinum. The higher level crafters will make quests for get the recipes for craft legendary items. To craft the legendary items will need extremelly rare resources. And we get hints that to craft the items you need go to special crafting tables, deep inside dungeons. Well, the One Ring was crafted at the Mountain of Doom…

    Legendary items will go platinum, a lot of platinum.

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