Posted by: mrrx | February 5, 2007

Vanguard #4

Barkscratch : Ding 9.     Worked the diplomacy with the soldiers for awhile.    It got frustrating though.      Managed a 50/50 success rate with them, with one stubborn dude who beat me always, and mixed results with everybody else.     Didn’t get many skill points doing it either which especially got frustrating.

A thorough web search revealed nothing about the function of diplomacy skill, but offered the helpful advice of……. not playing cards as part of a strategy.     Duh – I should have though of that on my own.      Increased my success rate that way, but still can’t beat the main soldier lady.      Nor can I find any cards to purchase.     Ah well – maybe I’ll try the newb quest in Halgarad.

But instead, I went after Bloodhowlers as part of the outlying Halgarad quests – and fell through the world.    It was pretty trippy actually; I did it maybe 12 times.     What happened was I would fall, then suddenly reappear in a better spot nearby.     Tried to get Bloodhowler Mystics when I found a spot and fell through the world, and got stuck.

After using the /stuck yes command, I found myself at Darogar’s Outpost.     From my adventures creating characters, I realized this was the starting spot for Varanjar barbarians, and I proceeded to do every quest nearby.    Eventually dinged 9 this way, and did some quick exploration of Halgarad.

The shine is off the diplomacy system.     It’s annoying when you can’t progress and don’t understand how to further move along.     But doing quests eliminates the grindi-ness of trying to get more levels, even if I found two apparently bugged quests.    Yahtar’s message involves giving a note to an NPC that won’t accept it; and Hillshadow involves a search for a named wolf that I just couldn’t find no matter what I did.

The diplomacy looks like so much fun; if only the path to success was a bit easier to pick up.    The combat in this game though, it is simply a blast.      Groups are fun, soloing is fun, and traveling and blasting the few mobs seen is also fun.      If it’s difficult to solo in this game, that’s not apparent at this time.

Got a chain of quests going in a necromantic gnoll area when I logged off for the night.



  1. Ive given up on the soldiers as well..could do all of them bar the boss..and i noticed as well there was no xp raise..pity as i was enjoying diplomacy up till then 😦

  2. I guess that sooner or later someone will make a guide for use that cards strategically.

    I tryed a lot of diplomacy in beta. Believe me, there is few unbeatable NPC, most NPC you cannot beat is because you need use a new strategy.

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