Posted by: mrrx | February 4, 2007

Vanguard #3 – Supplies and Rocks

Barkscratch : Ding 8, 50% XP.   Got a new quest, and deleted all existing “too-difficult” quests, requiring me to head off and deliver supplies.     The quest chain did a good job of showing me the way between Halgarad (Barbarian city I believe) and Dahknarg.

Along the way, I got to a very difficult quest step – Earthcallers who couldn’t be soloed.     And ran into two other players, who all grouped up for my first group experience in the game.     There was a camp of Earthcaller and Brute gnolls which we took on together – two druids and a ranger.

It was difficult but we pulled it off.    The pulls kept getting adds, and even with root we didn’t have an easy time killing one at a time.     I ran like a scared puppy many times, including one where I ran past another guy and found out, from the angry shout afterwards, that trains are alive and well in Vanguard and can actually kill other players.    Sorry.

Me, I ended up dying once only.     And then it was a long run through the world which saw the end of the group.    Not wanting to run back, I tried out my Bound Spot spell and ended up back in the level 1 zone for Vulmanes.

Now, I remembered the ultra-newb cave I had gone through had plenty of metal inside, and I spent a good hour in here gathering stuff and getting my harvesting skills higher.    Eventually, I stopped receiving skillups and decided it was probably time to move on.

I got into a real rhythm with it – the nodes repopped enough that I ran a route through the cave, to the node spot, and they were always up.      Picked up maybe 400 copper chunks, 400 basalt chunks, 5 quartz crystals, and two special items you can use during combat.     Dunno what I’m supposed to do with any of this stuff, but it all went into the bank for future use.     Also bought new harvesting tools for the 100+ skilled harvester.

Due to the system-wide message, very vaguely written, about crafting problems – I stayed away from it.    Decided to do crafting later.

Headed out to a group of soldiers on the road I had seen, and started practicing my diplomacy.     You get skill points in diplomacy; they *should* make things easier for you I guess, although I have no idea how.     So I figured I’d work on that stuff for awhile and see what happened.     Made Diplomacy 26 and logged out.

This game is a lot of fun.     So far, I always have something to do, even solo.     The “empty-world” style is right up my alley.      Ugh, this brings a bit of a dilemma doesn’t it ?



  1. Id have to say im enjoying vg ..the diplomacy is fun..cant do all the those soldiers on the road yet tho lol..cfrafting is ok ive done a few work orsers but overall seems fun..the community seems nice as well in the game the forums are a diffrent matter lol…

  2. Copper chuncks?

    You know that you can transform them to copper ore, right?

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