Posted by: mrrx | February 2, 2007

Vanguard Limits Slots Too !

After I got my 10-day trial key last night, I started the download while taking care of the family, interrupted it to play Everquest 2, and let it download overnight.    I got up very early in the morning, game was downloaded, and discovered I needed to update DirectX to get the game working.     That surprised me – I have DirectX 9.0c, but I guess that’s not the end of the versioning story as the game didn’t load until I had updated it. 

Well, I got in and started playing.      At first, it didn’t really hit me – then I decided to take a look at a second newbie zone.     And then I noticed the character panel.

Vanguard is limiting players to 8 character slots.

Word is, during the beta there was no such restriction in place, and yet mysteriously just days before release the game gets this restriction put into force.     Yeah, somebody tell me again this about database storage – hah.    This is about the top brass at SOE deciding to limit things in the hope for more money.     Buy another account, or station exchange for more slots !

What’s really bad news for players like me, is that the trend is continuing instead of stopping.     If we players don’t stop it, we’re going to see every game with stupid restrictions like this in place.     At least LOTRO doesn’t have this restriction.     Then again, that game is still in Beta, and after the Vanguard story, who can say what will happen before release ?

So, obviously Vanguard will not be played by me.     It’s that big of an issue.      Fool me once (Everquest2), shame on you.      You won’t be fooling me again Sony.

But what about the rest of the game ?    I’m going to play through my 10-day key, but here’s my one-hour impressions.

The combat was pretty fun.     I started a Gnoll Druid – well, they’re called Wulfmanes or something like that in the game, but they’re pretty obviously gnolls – and his root actually sticks long enough for you to root-and-nuke.    That was a lot of fun, especially compared to EQ2’s version.      Overall, I enjoyed the game.

There were a fair number of quests to do, which kept me pretty busy.      I finished them all off, that I could find in the newbie area, and enjoyed them a lot.

I couldn’t harvest – something about skill.    Maybe I needed a mining pick or something.     And you need a group to harvest to get the *good stuff*, which I can’t believe will work too well.

I couldn’t figure out how to sell the various drops I picked up.    The vendor in town didn’t want to buy them, and it seemed like he was the only vendor.

I have no idea where to go after I’m done in this area.      Guess I’ll figure it out.

The art is – nice.     It didn’t blow me away.    It didn’t make sick either – not a cartoon game.     The framerate was nice and comparable to Everquest 2’s.      There was something missing in it – it wasn’t really beautiful for some reason, but it was definitely well done.

I didn’t have to group.    Then again, you’re apparently in learning mode until level 7, and I only made it to level 4.      Level 7 is when you need to start corpse retrieval.

I tried out the one newbie area, started on a second one ( the Orcs on the slaver ship), took a look at 3 other areas and then logged off.



  1. If you add station access (which includes VG and Eq2 for me at least) you get 4 extra character slots (for both games) at $24.99 it made the station access (finally) worth it.

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