Posted by: mrrx | February 2, 2007

Unfinished Bladeness

Tezcatlipocca : Tried out the Blade Champion arena.     It was….. very hard.     Didn’t even get past the first set of opponents.     Talked to various guildies and was surprised to find most of them on Blades faction.    We’ll be trying to do that quest together tonight.

Headed out to the Shimmering Citadel and did the catalog quest there, and killed an awful lot of nagas trying to get the last body parts I needed.      Still needed the naga tail tip when I fell through a crack and decided to give it a rest for the moment.     I’m glad I did – today’s update notes that L&L updates have been increased.

Went to Faydwer and bought more tinkering recipes – I can’t use the new ones until level 20, so I have to get 5 points on the easy recipes.     Completed a few quests, all easy ones, inside of Lesser Faydark against grey mobs.

But in other news – I was kindly given a Vanguard 10-day trial key by an EQ2Dailian .    That gets its own post however.


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