Posted by: mrrx | February 1, 2007

Dukarem’s Purge

Tezcatlipocca : 45 AP’s, and with that he has three maxed out combat arts.     Maxing the fourth soon I hope.    

Tonight was all about the Maj Dul Blades, and it was a lot of fun.    Ran through the three different Dukarem’s Purge quests.     What happens is Dukarem goes nuts and thinks his son is going to kill him, and he sends you on two paranoid quests to take out his rivals.     When he discovers your sympathies are with Dukaris, he tries to get you killed.

The best part of the quest was my casual stroll through Pillars of Flame.    You see, Dukarem sends you out to escort a shipment of weapons through the zone, and you pretty much have to remove all your runspeed enhancements and walk alongside the caravan master.     I got a real feel of walking through the desert, in the pre-dawn hours up until about noon.    Shadows started long and got shorter; light level increased noticeably.    The art in this game is really fantastic on extreme quality.

Had to fight 4 different encounters to keep the caravan alive, but they were pretty easy even had I been the appropriate level.     And finally my walk came to an end and I had to head back to Maj Dul. 

The quest culminates in a fun, epic confrontation in an instance of the Blades court.     You have to fight your way through barricades and exploding barrels to reach Dukaris; protect him; and find a way to engage and defeat Dukarem.     I was a bit lucky – the script got bugged.

There were supposed to be Blades running in and attacking from two doors.    Once I realized they were never going to stop, and I noticed how one group ran in and just stood there, I knew how to finish things.    Climbed up to the balcony, slapped a secret door opening panel, and walked in and put an exploding barrel behind Dukarem.    That knocked him down to the 2nd floor where he became engagable.      Did one step, then protected Dukaris; did another step, and protected him again.    He got healed after each fight so it worked pretty well.    And then engaged the Blades Caliph.

Now that was a tough fight.     He totally would have killed me without the miracle of Solusek Ro’s Incinerate.     But wards and debuffs, slow attrition on both of us, and the amazing nuke after he hit 50% won the day for me and Dukarem went down.     I grabbed a medallion from him, necessary to advance to the 3-court quest for later, and exited the zone.

Tried to get started on the Blades Champion quest (where you get your title), but was unable to find many Coin guards required – the City had been taken over by the orcs and grifters.     Logged off happy and waiting for the city to reset.

1,543 quests complete.


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