Posted by: mrrx | January 31, 2007

Dukaris, Hoo’loh, and Leaderboard Mysteries

Changed my banner again.    I had no idea that the dry riverbed in Thundering Steppes was paved by skulls, until I set my graphics high. 

Tezcatlipocca : Finished up with the Dukaris Blade quest.     After you collect the required lizard scales, you scout a few locations, and then Dukaris joins you in the Sinking Sands to kill the Rujarkian Blademaster.

Now this was a fun encounter.    Dukaris shows up just outside the Clefts entrance, with the Blademaster at the zone line.     As Dukaris walks in, you have to kill orcs which attack him and keep them from hurting him too bad, before he gets in and fights the Blademaster.     The idea is, if the adds hurt him too badly, he will lose the fight; otherwise he’ll win.

I had a blast with this.     Grab aggro with my quickest spell and smack away until you have a dead orc add.    At 70 I was able to do it, but it was very close.    The difficulty with the encounter is that it is clearly not designed for a healer.     You can’t heal or ward Dukaris.     Kind of takes away the likelihood of doing this at the appropriate level doesn’t it ?     Still, he had a few slivers of health left after his fight, so I definitely did my job.

Got my reward and started Dukarim’s Purge.    This is a three-part quest after which you have “completed” the Blades and can work another faction.     Managed to get to the point where you have to kill disloyal Blades when guildies called for help on quests.

I found myself in the Barren Sky helping to work on the Hoo’loh Hat.     AKA, Blood of the Brood quest.    Now getting to Hoo’loh is pretty tricky – there’s a chain you have to jump on, and you can only jump on it from a point over empty space.     After that, it’s a matter of following the chain to the anchor point, and jumping down to see the Owl-man.

He sends you on a series of steps, from killing nearby vultaks, to getting a nasty named, and picking up a scroll inside the Mage Tower.     Next thing I need to do is get into a Nest group to work the next part of the quest – bringing Hoo’loh to the Great Egg, whatever that means exactly.

But our group broke up before we could do this step, couldn’t get people together to fight in the Nest, so I ended up duoing in the Palace of the Awakened.      This was fun – we went higher than I had ever managed.     Collected all the encyclopedias I needed, and got my rank insignia up to #9 I believe.     But ultimately, we pulled a named which we could probably have done, except I was stupid and pre-warded giving me very quick aggro I couldn’t shake.     After death, gated back to Maj Dul and logged out.

1,540 quests.    Somehow, I am now #8 on the Bazaar.     Characters keep disappearing from the top ten, which pushes me up !     The top ten according to EQ2players at the moment is :

  1. Megaton (aka Gilbralter aka Robby Castai ) – 2,441
  2. Foos – 2,287
  3. Hallann – 1,850
  4. Rrys – 1,818
  5. Jeruwaho – 1,799
  6. Bati – 1,761
  7. Amemyst – 1,739
  8. Firstsleeve – 1,600
  9. Tezcatlipocca – 1,538 (it’s a day off)
  10. Arjhan – 1,472

So one of those characters above me isn’t counting.     I know most of those people, at least by reputation; Hallann and Bati I don’t know at all.   And Megaton is the amazing constantly-sold character so he’s the #1 suspect.


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