Posted by: mrrx | January 30, 2007


Vanguard went live today.     I wish them the best of luck – I won’t be playing until and if I can take a free test drive.     But I did notice one new Vanguard thing today.    Take a look at the new character statistics page available  –


All the good stuff is there, apparently –

  • NPC Kills, Deaths, and KvD ratio
  • Quests completed
  • Highest Damages
  • Diplomacy Missions complete
  • Items crafted
  • Ranks by Server, Class, and Worldwide
  • Even ranks by Crafter level

It’s not really a surprise to me, but it’s good to see this kind of thing continue past Everquest.      Really adds a lot to a game.



  1. Well after playing vg in beta i have to say its much better ..better framrate and more quests..i think the thing about it is the feeling of openness and of potential havent felt this excited since uo launched tbh…But would i of subscribed if it wasent station acccess…porbably but being sa is so much better 🙂

  2. Yeah there is a lot of excitement about this game, which is why I’m keeping a tiny eye on it.

    But it appears the gameplay isn’t the kind of thing I’d like – more solo and questy, versus group and raid. Still, I really would like to give it an honest test drive, but not for a $50 price tag.

  3. well when u fancy giving it a try let me know and ill give u a buddy key…just be warned its a 16gb download lol…

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