Posted by: mrrx | January 29, 2007

A Petition, and Book Quests

Huehueteotl : Ding 34.    Traveled to the Enchanted Lands after getting all his port spells, and commenced gathering and questing.      Should have enough for another tier of carpentry soon.     Got his best XP just wandering around and getting discovery experience.

 Tezcatlipocca : 45 AP’s.   Went to work on Blood of the Bear again – but skipped ahead to Part II.    This book is done entirely inside of Enchanted Lands, and wasn’t too difficult once I got past a problem.

2nd group to kill – Seamist Sprites.   They are fairies and have the fairy model.     They intermingle with the tons of fairies near the dock.     Pretty reasonable to assume they share a spawn with them, right ?     Well, it turns out they don’t.    Rather than figure it out exactly, I know you can get more by killing klackrocks, badgers, and deer.     After that, I finished up most of the items pretty easily.

Lancer wasps were another difficult step though.    You’ll get no more than three at a time – and to get them, you have to kill other wasps.     I didn’t mess around, I just killed every wasp and spawned them one after the other until 10 were down, completing the book.

Now, I had concluded earlier that forge embers did not exist anymore.     Forum posters tell me I’m mistaken, so off next to Varsoon and an attempt at camping the forge room, killing everything inside in an attempt to spawn these elusive mobs.

I tried five spawn cycles the first time.     This time I did 20.    Not once did I see an elemental-ish mob in there.    Waited 10 minutes for the room to repop and spent forever in there.     Even wrote up a bug – if I would stand and task switch while I waited, I found myself frequently falling through the world and reappearing at the zone-in.    This just made me more frustrated.

Logged out temporarily, and sleeping on it provided the solution.     I was falling through the world inside of the forge room – What about the mobs ?     Could my Forge Sparks have fallen through the world ?     Got a tracker to help me, and standing right on top of the fire he saw the mobs.       And this led me to trying out my very first petition.

The whole difficulty was filing it.    We are told to in-game type /petition and that will pop the web browser and everything will work.   Nope – this just results in a gigantically long URL that times out.   In fact, you need to start a web browser and type this address to get it working : support. .     Wrote up my petition and asked for help.

This was the step I was dreading – waiting for a guide to come online and help.     I’ve heard that it takes forever, they don’t have the power to really help, and all this other negative stuff.    Plus, who wants to stand in front of the computer and wait?      But I had filed it at a peak playtime – 7pm PST – when I can’t play anyway, and just checked the PC every few minutes to wait and see what happens.

Not even 30 minutes later a guide comes online and sends a tell.     She moves over to my location and has the mobs summoned in 1 minute.     After further conversation to help her describe the falling-through-the-world problem, she was gone and I was looking at my elementals.     They died in 7 minute intervals, many times, and I ultimately got my mobs and finished the book.

While petitions may be hard to file, I’m glad I did it.     I got timely help and they did exactly what I needed them to do.     I’m impressed.

Afterward, did a book quest inside of Zek, then headed to Maj’Dul and started Dukaris, Hero of the People.     The frightening task of killing guard tower captains was simple when all the mobs are grey – each captain is part of a trio on the top of the towers.     But Dukaris isn’t satisfied with this simple task.    I got sent around on various errands until I needed to collect 25 lizardman scales – rare updates.     At this point it was late and time to log off.

1,538 quests.     Still #9 – beginning to suspect some character got deleted.     Should need over 1,600 to move up.



  1. I’m surprised you’ve had so many bad experiences with SoE’s customer help, I’ve had nothing but good, and I’ve gotten a hold of them quite a few times now. Each time they were able to help me with my issue (everything from losing chests in the walls of instances, to name changes and deleted characters) within a fairly reasonable amount of time. The out of game browser window may be a deterrent to some, but those who are persistent enough to continue on should be fairly pleased with the response.

  2. Actually – every customer service issue I’ve had has been good. Lots of people, though, apparently complain about it.

    With this, I realize I shouldn’t listen to them as the CS is very good for Everquest2 at least.

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