Posted by: mrrx | January 25, 2007

Splitpaw Answers

Discovered my problem with Splitpaw; thanks readers for the hints.    What I had zoned into the night before was honestly Anvilpaw’s Grotto, with a set of puzzles you needed to complete before meeting the epic mob.     Trouble is, one of the puzzles (if not more!) is not completable.     What you are supposed to do is split the x2 raid into two groups, and solve puzzles that cut you off from each other, yet clear the way for the *other group* to progress through the zone.

There are three statues that show up in each area, and I completed the second area; which opened things up for the first one.    But since I was solo, it didn’t matter – there’s nobody to do the puzzle for the first area.     Still, the zone is bugged – the first area has but a single statue.    Even a raid cannot complete the zone nowadays.    So, I’m done with Darkened Shard until, and if, they fix the bug.

What really confused me was receiving the quest Alone in the Dark at the time I zoned in to Anvilpaw.    But this was bugged too – I’m sure you’re supposed to receive it at the time you enter a broken transporter.    So to finish this quest I just have to get the right zone, and then all this talk about exploding barrels will make sense 🙂 

Huehueteotl : Thankfully, Huey was camped in front of the Qeynos mage tower, where after finding the correct NPC he had two port spells for Greater Faydark.       Got started towards the Antonica portal next.

But the game’s gotten little attention, as I am still doing all the software tasks needed for the new PC.



  1. Bad thing about new pcs; Installing everything all over again. x.x

  2. Shoot no ! That’s your chance to clean up. It’s also fun.

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