Posted by: mrrx | January 24, 2007

Pure Beauty and Confusion

Everquest2 is running on the new PC.      And it’s amazing the difference a thousand bucks makes.

I started off by copying the entire EQ2 folder over to the new PC and starting it.    Strangely, it appeared to re-download the entire front-end before it would start.     I’m guessing they have some kind of hardware key on there for anti-hacking purposes; either that or it’s buggy.     But afterward (10 minutes or so) the game started without any other downloads.    Can you imagine the time required to download the entire game ?  <shudder>

I was amazed at the frame rate and smoothness of the game when I first started it up.     And then I started playing with the graphics options.     After a while I noticed I was stressing things a bit, and then I decided, what the heck.    Let’s see what happens when I choose the top quality level.

And the game barely hiccuped.     It’s gorgeous with the finely-rendered models and shadows.     The combat is barely recognizable – with all the effects shooting around, and the smoothness with which they’re drawn.     I love it.

I wandered, literally, for an hour before I finally got down to it.

Sent Tez off to Splitpaw, where he completed the solo arena, and the Trial of Harclave.    Both were fun, if clearly too easy – the arena was greys at level 50ish, easily completed, while Harclave was all about moving the damned stupid boxes and planks around once again.    I now have the trust of the gnolls, and my splitpaw shard.

Now, here’s where it got confusing.     Splitpaw has been out for almost two years, and yet I couldn’t find a good spoiler on what to do next.     Allakhazam says I need to enter Anvilpaw’s Grotto and waste him.     When I went to the place marked on my map, I found myself inside of Alone in the Dark, and completely unable to complete the quest.

Alone in the Dark is some kind of group instance quest with puzzles.    If there’s a spoiler out there, I can’t find it.     Of course, I’ve had it easy for so long with Ogaming and Allakhazam and EQ2i, that I’m shocked when somebody hasn’t documented how to finish it.     The difficulty is simple – you need to find a mob named the Animator, and once you reach him you should be able to find a zone out.     But you can’t reach him.

Bone walls block half the zone, and despite stacking boxes as high as I could, I was unable to jump over them.     There are puzzles, one of which I solved by just randomly clicking until it worked.    But solving the puzzle, instead of letting me in past a wall, locked me in !    Apparently I’m supposed to solve it which would open a wall my other party member could then access, and do something about.    Sigh.

How am I going to complete that ?    I’m holding out hope I hit the wrong instance, which occured to me this morning, and I just need to try Anvilpaw again.    Still, despite that I’ll also want to finish Alone in the Dark.     Have to try guildees again, but nobody on at 1 am knew what to do.     

After that, headed to an instance of the Tower of the Moon, and confronted Mujdeef for the Djinn Master.    It was easy – just don’t bug Mujdeef too much.    My last dialog choice talked him into attacking and killing me – and he *really* damaged my armor.    From 100% to 45%.    Wow.     Now I need to either fight or invis my way back up to the fourth floor of Poets again to finish the quest off.

1,529 quests.

Huehueteotl : 92% to 34.     Had Huey fight a few more yellows and keep gaining the XP, and then I asked myself why I didn’t have any ports ?    Set off for Qeynos in search of spells, and didn’t find them.    

How does a wizard get his ports ?      I found out where to buy the stones for 30s to port people, but the spell eluded me (Wizard trainers and brokers both apparently don’t have them).

And at this point my lack of knowledge frustrated me and I logged off.



  1. Wow! Grats on that many quests!

  2. The ports are in South Qeynos, go through the…blue portal, the little library room, and there should be a “teleport trainer”. All this of course is in the Mage Tower.

  3. *points to Gothun’s comments about portals* Where druids get to collect little shrubs and go to their portal trainers after they collect the shrubs, wizards and warlocks get to speak to teleport trainers. There are some in Kelethin, Freeport mage tower, and Qeynos mage tower respectively.

    As for the splitpaw fun..

    Alone in the dark is a group quest, I’m actually not sure if you can complete it solo.. maybe.. I’ve never tried. Basically your group mates all end up in the dark.. and you have to meet up with them in the center, then venture off together to kill the named. You have to blow through a wall or two to get to him. The hardest part is finding all 6 of your mates again with no map, bring a scout and it’s slightly easier.

    Once you’ve earned the trust of the gnolls, and you have your gate shard – the next portion is actually a raid, where you defeat the final ‘boss’ and get a trinket that lets you breath under water.

  4. Like there isn’t enough water breathing items in the game. =P

  5. Not just breathe under water, but walk on the ocean floor….much like the Defiler and Mystic spells.

  6. Alone in the Dark can be done solo. You have to find exploding barrels or stack boxes in the right locations to advance.

    Anvilpaw iirc is an x2 instance and you have to split up into 2 groups. Each group completes an event to let the other group advance further into the zone. Thus it can not be soloed.

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