Posted by: mrrx | January 23, 2007

Building the New PC – Take IV

Should I admit it ?    Ahhhh, I’m anonymous, hard to be embarassed.

I got the PC back from the repair shop, and it turns out every part was working except for the human part.     I put it together wrong.

Here’s a helpful picture –


See that black piece ?    That’s called the shipping cover, kids.    Remove before assembly, and put the green-and-gold thingamabob into the CPU slot.

No wonder it wouldn’t do anything – there was literally no contact between the CPU and the rest of the PC.

So I played last night while letting Windows format & install; and thought about all the stuff I read, that didn’t tell you to check this one simple thing.    Oh, I got told to reseat the CPU, but nobody would be so dumb as to install it with a plastic casing, would they ?    Well, yes, apparently.

Thank goodness I did the repair shop option – can you imagine if I’d returned the stuff, got new ones back, and then it *still* didn’t work ?      I’d have pulled my hair out.

So I came up with my list of things to try if you’re assembling your PC and you get the Silent Black Screen of the Void.

  1. Did you remove the CPU shipping cover before installing ?
  2. Did you remove the CPU slot shipping cover ? (that, I did)
  3. Remove all cable connections except the video card.    Try to boot the MB, Video, Memory, and Power Supply.
  4. You should have a very long power connector for PSU to MB; and a four-pin version.    Make sure both are plugged in.     For added confusion, I had the very-long-one which had a four-pin connector separate, but both clearly clicked in together so I didn’t accidentally switch the two.
  5. Did you put the Speaker connection on correctly ?     You’ll get no beeps if you didn’t.
  6. You *did* turn the monitor on too right ?
  7. The Intel Core2 Duo CPU fans are a sucky pain in the ass to install.     (they’re easier though if you don’t add extra parts so they fit even tighter)     Take care that you got all four posts to click in, and do it catty-corner to avoid damaging everything.
  8. Does the power shut off quickly ?    This is an indication of a CPU fan problem, or some electrical short or heat issue.
  9. Does the motherboard light up ?    If it doesn’t, it’s probably not getting power or its defective.
  10. Are all the connected fans spinning ?     Such as, if they all work and the PSU one works, you’re probably OK.    If the PSU one won’t even spin, it’s probably no good and needs returning.
  11. Remove the mouse from the system – they’re useless until it’ll start once successfully.     If your PS/2 keyboard doesn’t work in one slot, try another one.
  12. If all else fails, it’s suggested you remove the motherboard from the case and try to boot it with no connections to the case.     Set it inside the cardboard box it came in.    Asus had a great tutorial on how to do this.
  13. Get further advice from the places that sell stuff.    Don’t go there first, unless you are still technically smart, unlike me.     People who buy stuff on Newegg leave good helpful comments most of the time.    They may have a list of links for you as well.   

Now, watch, I’m going to have further trouble with it.      Well, hopefully not.   Windows install went without a hitch and it’s time to get the ancillary stuff going.



  1. Ouch 😛

  2. Cheer!!!!!

    woot woot!

    glad it was something that wasn’t going to kill the system, as a cover on the cpu isn’t going to be costing you tons of money.

    Jeez, didn’t even think of that.

    Great stuff! Glad to hear it’s working!


  3. *giggles* Glad to hear it’s working… sounds like something I’d have forgotten.. like every time I think my mic is broken and it’s simply the mute button left on.

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