Posted by: mrrx | January 22, 2007

More Adventures of Jorbo and Mappy – The Epic End

Tezcatlipocca : 44 AA’s.     5 points in his disease DOT combat art.     Getting close to Weapon Mastery, which is the top of the combat art line and will make me relatively fearsome with my spear instead of just adequate.

Started things out with an attempt at duoing epic 55ish orcs inside of the Cleft of Rujark.    One of the final Blades faction quests requires you to kill General Fandark and his assitant.     Basically, we figured out that we’d need a third level 70 in order to pull this off, preferably a DPS person.   Attempted to try Freedom ! (An epic quest to free a Djinn) but the placeholders were once again not up.    I’m going to guess the quest is bugged.

So much for the grapevine – I had heard these mobs were “weak epics”.     Maybe, but they still are tougher than a 70 duo.

Spent some time in Greater Faydark, and managed to get one of the pages needed for Cloak of Flames out there.     Got started on the Missing Sister quest, and spent some time in an odd zone above Crushbone named the Achadechism (sp?).    Crawled our way through about 3/4 of it before technical troubles knocked me out.

Headed off next to Rivervale.    Time to finish off the Jorbo & Mappy quest.

And finally, I finished the unquestioned #1 most difficult quest in the game.     Wait more than 90 times for *a chance* at the mob you need, on 10 or 15 minute timers, gives this quest the honor; even raid quests don’t require this much patience.

I had grabbed the book on or about August 24th.    I remember it clearly.     I was killing the two solo nightbloods in Rivervale over and over, when one dropped a chest with this book inside.    I knew the reputation of the quest – many have posted about it in the forums – and picked it up with a strange mixture of determination and fear in my heart.    I also waited until I was high-level and it would be easy – no sense getting killed by heroic groups doing this.

First step, was kill corrupted merchants – thirty of them.     Two spawn points, 10 minute repop, in groups of three which may have 0, 1, or 2 of the merchants each pop.   Got started on November 3rd, making it a marathon session with the sole goal of doing this quest.      Only managed 23, and got the last 7 by November 13th.

Next step, was kill corrupted brewers – thirty of them.    Basically, this is identical to the first step because each spawn was either brewers or merchants.     None of your previous brewer kills count, of course.      They were finished on November 17th.

Noting the difficulty, and given other things to do, I slacked on this for quite awhile until starting on group #3 on January 16th.     And now, at last, I have killed my 30 corrupted seamstresses.      5 months, hours of camps, and I now have my reward, a placeable book for my home and a quest ding.    Yippeee ?!!

Where’s the closest vendor I can sell this thing to ?

Spent the rest of the weekend gathering dragon runes – gotta catch ’em all.     Feerrott, Cazic, Obelisk, and finally Solusek.     None of them were hard thanks to the spoilers.    I can’t imagine getting them without spoilers though.    I mean, a book tucked under a bridge in the Feerrott ?     Kudos to whoever had the patience to discover it the first time.

Started killing drakes in Lavastorm looking for the three parts I still need, but logged out after knocking down a couple.

1,523 quests.    Back to #10 on the Bazaar; the top guy got resold *again*, rechristened Megaton, and is for the moment the top quester.     I’m hoping Foos manages to pass this thing soon; he’s only 200 quests away.



  1. Dang that quest took forever! I have it in my journal.. I’m contemplating deleting it right this instant…

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