Posted by: mrrx | January 19, 2007

Running Away ? Or Running Into Her Arms ?

I found this story very interesting.      Perhaps because I did *almost* the same thing.

Jacob Pribyl is apparently a current or former Everquest2 player.       He’s a likely typical player of the game – 20 year old male.      And it appears he met a gal while playing.     This is the 2000’s version of the long distance relationship – meeting in an MMO.  They must have gotten along pretty good, and decided to take things to the next level.     He left home, didn’t tell his parents anything, and headed off several hundred miles to her town.

The story doesn’t go into detail, but you tell me – what is the primary reason they got together like that ?

The parents, understandably, were scared and started looking for help.     They contact scumbag Jack Thompson, lawyer spokesman of the video-games-kill persuasion, who starts making a bunch of noise about how this is because of a game.

Sony execs heard about this, and decided to help.     With some basic research of their records, they got a message to Jacob and the parents are now in touch with him again, and at least aware he isn’t a victim of a serial killer.

Young men and young women run away with each other all the time – I know, because I did it too.      It’s often stupid.     Even so, I wish Jacob the best – a great relationship, a wife, a learning experience, or what have you.     But this is a time-honored thing to have happen, and really has nothing to do with gaming.

Kudos to Sony for helping defuse the situation and keeping nervous parents informed, and uncommunicative young men in touch.     



  1. Good Post.

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