Posted by: mrrx | January 18, 2007

Skillfully Slaying Seamstresses Slowly Spawned, and Shuffling Stuff Around in Short Session

Tezcatlipocca : Short Session tonight.     After dealing with brokering, headed out to Rivervale to work, once again, on Jorbo & Mappy #2.     

Longtime readers will remember this as the book from hell, which I had managed to get 2/3 of the way through.   Over the course of the evening I got 6 more corrupted seamstresses, bringing the total killed to 10 of the 30 needed.

The seamstresses only spawn in a building called the Loom, and unlike previous kill-targets of the book, they are ^^^ single mobs.     You get the chance for a single update, each spawn.      Just to make things more difficult, the mobs are not on a 10 minute timer, but 15 minutes as it turned out.     For added fun, you might get any of these mobs in the tiny two spawn points available :

  • Corrupted Seamstress (my target)
  • Corrupted Tailor (Placeholder)
  • Deranged Tailor (Named mob)

Despite all this, finished the first group of ten which then required reading the book.    Unfortunately, I had left the book back in my bank, bringing my adventure in Rivervale to a quicker end.

In between spawns I managed to finish the search for the Valetail Stein by running over to Runneye.     Killed the Brewmeister there for an update, then gathered the two Dragon Runes inside to progress Speak as a Dragon.       After another seamstress spawn cycle, finished up the Valetail Stein, then gathered as much as possible.    Fulginate clusters were going for a 25s sales price, leading me to gather as many as possible – hey, have to do something while you wait for spawns.    For some reason it didn’t occur to me to log another character while I waited.

After I retrieved the book, moved collectibles down to alts, with Huehueteotl noticeably absent as he is in the field in Steamfont.     Got a box filled with stuff for him I need to empty.    But due to the late hour, logged off at this point.

1,518 quests.


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