Posted by: mrrx | January 17, 2007

Puissantly Popping Protaganists in the Poet’s Palace

Tezcatlipocca : Started out shuffling things around between alts, and the broker.     Tez has been saving up whatever he manages to pick up and stuffing it into his bank; then putting things up for sale, or sending it to alts via the shared bank.      If it doesn’t sell for much, there’s no point in holding onto it for sale, and letting my broker slots fill up with things selling for coppers.

Then found myself with my duo partner inside of Pillars of Flame, and finishing up Siraj Al’Din’s final quest.     He sends you into a cave where you have to defeat several waves of baddies to get an amulet.     Solo, it would have been suicide, but with a tank (and a good one at that) it was easy pickings.

Afterwards, we headed to Poet’s Palace.     We tore through the place doing access quests to get us up to the third level; but even that isn’t enough.     I don’t know how many levels there are for sure, but it’s at least four.     

We got two metal chests after finishing third floor access – this is a puzzle game with cyclops statues, which then spawns waves of cyclops as well two nameds.       We are a priest, and a fighter.     So guess what equipment was in the chests ?    NO-TRADE items for a mage, and a scout.     Gee thanks.     

I had thought I would finish my quests inside but couldn’t quite get them done – one quest, for four beetles for the Handcrafted Music Box, is apparently going to require diving all the way to the end of the zone or something.

Did manage to find the “secret chamber” for the Mute Bard.     Some secret.    Walked into a room and found an NPC named “The Mad Poet”, and in the corner was a scarab that updated the bard’s quest.       I’ll have to investigate further what really happened.     And the Mad Poet gives me a quest requiring me to speak to…….. the Mute Bard.    Hmmm.

Now apparently, this is an instance, and has limited repops while you stay inside the zone.      I’ve seen nothing but green mobs inside too.     So I’m wondering if, for my return visit, I can simply invis up to the third level and finish exploring.     Or possibly just find some way to kill things inside solo, rest a lot, and clear my way to the top.     I’ll have to see – those rotten beetles are blocking a questline if I’ve read the spoiler sites correctly.

1,517 quests completed.    Somehow, I’ve moved up to #9 on the server; this shouldn’t happen until I’m just over 1,600 quests.     Somebody got deleted or is in the process of being sold I guess; server list is not available as I write the post.     Also made #26 for mystics worldwide, as expected, and surprised myself with another stat.     That Incinerate from Sol Ro helped me achieve #6 among Bazaar mystics for highest magical hit.



  1. Wow 9th? Congradulations!

    As for poets (my long term home) – you can invis through the first floor, and the second floor – but on the third floor you have to do the ring events with the beetles and snakes, or else the center doors that lead to the fourth (and final) floor, don’t open for you.

    I actually just finished my music box quest on my illusionist yesterday. One is on the main floor, another on the 3rd floor, one is on the 4th floor and one is not in poets palace at all, but is located in the shimmering citadel itself. At level 70 it’s pretty easy to do. Also snagged a master that I sold for 50p today, no wonder I love that zone, lol. Granted it took almost two weeks of doing that zone once every single day to find it drop, but it was still fun, and every day warrents 1-2 tradeskill rares (I also do the zone on very difficult since there is a choice, not sure if this actually makes a difference though).

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