Posted by: mrrx | January 15, 2007

Give me LEAD, LEAD, LEAD ! !

Tezcatlipocca : 42 AP’s.    Gathered a dragon rune inside Freeport, and Fallen Gate.    These trips netted me a few more book quests to work on, if I can figure out where the mobs are at.    I also got an access quest for some sub-zone in Fallen Gate, which I completed quickly.

Next it was off to Rivervale,  where I stayed for quite a long time even after getting my two dragon runes.     I still need corrupted seamstresses; managed to get four.    Also, finally, managed to pop Shakey who went down like a sack of potatoes and finished off the Valetail Stout quest for me.     Got a new one – for a Valetail Mug – which requires heading deep into Runnyeye.

But the Rivervale camping & gathering came to an end once I got asked by a guildy to help on a raid of Rahotep.      Gathered two groups and we were all mentored to 59, but we wiped.       I learned one valuable lesson – do not use heavy nukes if you are a healer.     I hit the bastard with my Incinerate ability, got aggro and died quickly.      The plan is to try it again tonight and mentor higher.     Would be even better if we quit worrying about drops, but that’s just me.

I also did a lot of gathering.    The Graveyard is a good place to go after loams, lots of nodes and if they are all clear they repop fast.     So is Oakmyst Forest, where you can run a rough circle of the zone and constantly clear nodes.     After getting a ton of stuff, I headed for the workbench.  Roughly, I need to get to 50 to be done with T1 resources.    

Ding 16 tinkerer.     That’s as far as I got, before I ran out of lead clusters; and I’m low on leaded loam as well.     Thank you Stargrace for the advice; it was at least a lot quicker to just go the first quality level.    Still – I’m going to have to gather forever.    No wonder the stuff I need costs an arm and a leg on the broker.      Logged off back inside Oakmyst, chanting to each rock node “Give me lead, lead lead!”.   Am I ever going to get tinkering up to a useful level ?

1,514 quests complete.



  1. heh have fun hunting that lead. I found it so much easier to make a new character on the island, where the nodes respawn 3x as fast, and there arn’t a million people harvesting for them. So I’m exceptionally happy that portion is done. It’s T6 I’m dreading. Thank goodness my alchemist has loams stashed away.

    As per hint from reading your blog, I’ve spent the day farming faction with the ashen order, I’m a sucker for faction and titles and all those pretty things, it’s not so bad, found a level 11 to mentor and got a few level 1 masters, lol. As always a pleasure to read !

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