Posted by: mrrx | January 14, 2007

Caves and Runes

Huehueteotl : 45% XP or so.     Wanted to get started on T4 carpentry, but a lack of raws sent him out in search of stuff.    I thought he might be able to harvest some of the items needed in Butcherblock, so off he went to Faydwer for the first time.

No dice.     Butcherblock is T3.     After working his way across Faydwer he eventually arrived in Steamfont, meant for level 35ish characters.     Everything around him was an angry looking yellow, but he persevered and got into Gnomeland Security and grabbed a bunch of quests.     Had him stand at the base of Security and kill animals to work on the Watchman Plerg’s first quest.     Got a fair amount completed before logging into Tez once again.

Tezcatlipocca : 41 AP’s.     Argh, the zone-in for the Cave of Knowledge.     It turns out there are two different doors inside the big cave under the monks.    I was standing at the wrong one.      After trying the correct one, got in and finished my three outstanding quests inside, plus picked up a fourth one and killed a panther to complete it.

For the first time since I started playing, I wanted to use the petition system.     I hear a lot of complaints about it, but then again I’ve been pretty satisfied with the CS I got up until now.     Except –

The petition system is broke.     When you attempt to initiate one, the URL does not finish loading and eventually it hangs.     Sure hope I don’t actually need it anytime soon, apparently it’s been like this for several days.

One more trip to the Sprawl netted me maximum faction with the Ashen Order, after which I went and did one last quest to earn the title of Jade Tiger.     Also got into a pickup raid which killed Meathooks in Sinking Sands.

Decided after this, to try and get going on To Speak As A Dragon.     It’s rumored this step is very hard but I just figured I’d try it anyway.    So made the long trek to Solusek’s Eye, then the long trek down towards Nagafen’s Lair.

Now, there’s a few tricks here that I didn’t get from reading the various spoilers.     As you travel through Solusek’s Eye, you eventually come to a blocked path.     You must pass through a different zone called the Oratorium of Thyr, before you can progress.     In this zone, you have to clear it and kill the Flamelord of Thyr after a short scripted event.       The Flamelord starts out as an NPC, but after you hail him he has a couple of djinn attack you, then you start another dialog with him.     And at this point, he teleports you into a cage.

From the cage, if you can gain aggro from him you’re all set.    Nashville the dog did the deed, and I killed him.    He’s a standard level 52 named ^^^, so I defeated him very easily.      And once he was dead, I was teleported back out of the cage in front of the doors leading out to Solusek’s Eye.     To think, I was concerned I’d need help on this step – it was a piece of cake.    A quick trip led me, finally, to Nagafen’s lair.

Inside you see a giant as well as Lord Nagafen – Level 100 Epic X4.     Guess I’m not going to take him on anytime soon.     You speak to the giant who tells you that Nagafen would never speak to you other than in draconic, which leads to a step to speak to the Sage of Ages back in Antonica.     And after that, the sage tells you to gather many runes from across the Shattered Lands.

I, fortunately, have the advantage of the spoiler information posted and gathered several of the runes before sleep claimed me for the night.     Should be able to finish the rest easily.

1,510 quests complete.



  1. You’re lucky you had your dog with you, for other petless classes, that oratorium is an annoyance at best. Thankfully – if you go in there with someone who has already completed the quest, you also recieve the option for the ‘deserted’ version, which has no mobs, nor any event you have to pass. Then the next time you head there alone, you’ve also got access.

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