Posted by: mrrx | January 12, 2007

Don’t be Cheap with Invis Totems

Tezcatlipocca : Ran through the Trial of Ash quest twice.    It took too long to finish, plus I found myself fighting the farmers for goblins, so after I was done it was back to the Sprawl for faction.

Of all things, we had the Forsaken take over the zone.     Two of us were there as high-levels chasing odd things (collections and faction), a party of four guys were exploring the zone and fighting and levelling up, and another guy showed up since the rest of us were there.     I almost felt sorry for the other guy there, out of the guild, he had to feel lonely.

Harvested a bunch, grabbed every hard rock I could as well as the rest of the nodes, but it turns out what I needed was just the hard rocks.     Tinkering consumes a ton of loams, and they are on sale at the broker for the low low price of 23s.     Argh!    Guess I’ll be doing a lot of harvesting.     The good news is he can pass the stuff on to various alts to jump start their tradeskilling.   

Ding 8 tinkerer.     Tinkering is ……… different than the rest of the tradeskills.     I didn’t think I would be a fan of the gain-a-skill-point-sometimes system, and I’m not.    Still, the stuff you can make reputedly should be worth it.      And doing things isn’t totally awful.

As far as I can figure out, I want to make only orange or red recipes to get skillups.    I made five white recipes in a row without a skillup, while orange & red resulted in skillups at least every other time.     And less tradeskill art buttons to push is a positive.     But, had to quit when I ran out of loams.

Back to Pillars of Flame, where I did another faction quest before being offered a very special quest (read this as, last favor to do for Shu Fang Qi).     Diplomatic Liasons required me to speak to an NPC in Elddar Grove, and afterward I headed out to speak with Zhao Wu, a new NPC who asked me to explore the Cave of Knowledge for him.   Shades of Disney’s Aladdin.     

I jumped into the water, discovered a large cave filled with Ashen Disciples, and zoned into the special zone.     Two NPC’s inside offered quests which I happily did – gathered bushes for a medicine, and got a secret formula for another guy.    Both were completed before I invised and headed to the end of the cave, bypassing some angry green creatures on the way.    Spoke to Kufu the keeper of knowledge after de-invising.

Got the quest completed – well, almost complete, needed to speak to Zhao Wu again – and I thought, I’ll be cheap.    I’ll train these nasty green heroics out of the zone and save an invis totem use !        The trick being I still need to turn in to the two NPC’s at the zone in, so I wanted to train out, rezone in, and complete the two quests.

One problem.    The zone is on a lockout timer.     I smacked myself in the head over the stupidity of this one.    Scared about losing access to the zone, I deleted the Kufu’s Intentions quest, restarted it, and camped at the zoneline, planning to re-enter tomorrow.    It was late anyway.    1,505 quests completed, and #27th mystic quester worldwide.

Picked a new blog theme after browsing the insane number of choices.     Not everything I wanted, but it will do – it looks good.     Also bought all the stuff for my new PC – should arrive in a week.



  1. I think the only way you’d be able to get a good, if not better, layout would be to create one yourself. I’m not sure if wordpress allows you to do this or not. I’ll have to look around.

  2. No, you cannot create your own layout, though there are a couple of very basic layouts (such as “Sandbox”… don’t tell Brent at VirginWorlds though) that you can modify heavily through the use of cascading style sheets, if you pay a bit of money. (That ability comes along with any other offer you buy, such as additional storage space or domain name routing.)

    I actually have a scratch version of my own blog that I use to work with different layouts, but I have yet to get anything I really like.

    I have actually worked a bit with this template. It is nice and clean, but I was not keen on the font used. (Now that I have purchased more space, I suppose I could change that now via CSS.)

  3. Tinkering woes… I typically grind everything until it’s blue, and I stop the process after the first item is complete and don’t bother heading all the way to pristine, because the combines are much (much!) faster that way, and you get a skill up reguardless. Just remember, those orange and red combines, all take more loams then the white / blue ones, I’m getting skill ups about every 8:10 or so at level 60 (I wanted to be able to make the stilts.. oh my goodness they’re fun!)

    Once you get out of the tier using leaded loam (at skill level 50) you’ll find it *much* easier. Leaded loam is going for roughly 50s each on LDL, so I stock piled for a few months before attempting to work this skill, I used well over 900 loams.

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