Posted by: mrrx | January 11, 2007

Trials of Ash

Tezcatlipocca : Spent a short evening working faction for the Ashen Order.     I wanted to get just high enough to try out the next faction quest, which is kindly.      So I headed out to the Sprawl to whack giantslayers.

It went pretty quickly.    I needed to harvest in a T1 zone anyway so I could get tinkering going, and accomplished a lot of that.     You end up running around in a circle, one-shotting all the giantslayers, and grabbing the nodes that pop as they come.     Got a bunch of T1 Elite loot – Fiery Carnelians and the like.      Big money for T1.    Grabbed a few hundred coppers.     And kept an eye on my faction meter.

Once I hit kindly, it was gate back to Maj Dul and head over towards Pillars of Flame.    After a quick stop (I had never picked up the Cyclops Lore & Legend quest), ran to Shu Fang Qi where I received the Trial of Ash quest.    This is a faction quest I can do – it doesn’t always require water creatures, and anyway the silt sharks that might show, I can at least find easily.      My combination was goblins, desert lunatics, and flame tornados.

1,501 quests.       No idea what that quest is; I’m sure I completed none last night.

Struck out on my attempt to finally buy the PC – the video card is out of stock.     Maybe I can grab one at a meatspace computer store today.



  1. You can try newegg, if you are willing to wait for it to come:) As for all those quests, it has been so long since I did those I can’t reven really remember any of it.

  2. If only. Newegg is the outfit thats out of stock 🙂 . BFG Geforce 7950 GT 512MB.

  3. My wizard’s going to have more quests than you! =O

  4. Really loving the new layout of your site, it’s very crisp and clean!

    Ugh.. faction.. the bane of my game play! I’ve been working various factions for various things for so long now… Go figure that Qeynos (the town I’m from..) is not even max’d yet…

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