Posted by: mrrx | January 10, 2007

Vanguard Begins

While I have been obsessively questing, Vanguard has apparently entered open beta.     You can get started by visiting this link.      Too much has been made of this game for me not to take a look, although the early word is not encouraging.

With a minimum requirement of a 2.4 ghz processor though, this will have to wait until after my new PC purchase.     And this is a minimum ?    Yikes, I bet it runs like a pig.



  1. I have not been impressed with Vanguard at all. Granted it is still in beta, but the graphics are horrid, and the game is terribly boring. For now I think I will be sticking with EQ2 until Warhammer or POTBS comes out!

  2. Ah good, another sucker… er… interested party. I look forward to your comments on the subject! I’ve been obsessed with character creation tool up to this point, but only because my new video card has not arrived so the game does indeed run like a pig for me!

  3. I can’t even run the game, because I need the new Direct X, which I can’t download because the page you get it from on Microsoft seems to be down, at least for me. So, I guess I’ll have to sit this one out until they fix the page for me. =/

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