Posted by: mrrx | January 10, 2007

Fifteen Hundred !

Tezcatlipocca : Started things out by systematically swimming across Pillars of Flame, killing every pike and blanketfish I discovered until I had my 5 large blanketfish.     It wasn’t hard without aggro.

Then realized there was no way I was going to do any more versions of that quest until I reach kindly – when the faction quest changes.     You can also gain faction with the Ashen Order by killing Ashen Disciples in Pillars of Flame – though they’re hard to kill.    I’ll have to do some faction work in the Sprawl later; for some reason you get faction from there easily.    I also better do this first before going back to Faydwer – apparently, the Master Wu quests will screw things up on this quest line.

The rest of the session was dominated by Lore & Legend quests.   Started Naga L&L and got moving by killing enough to complete those two naga quests that have sat in my journal for six months or more.    The nagas were tough, but not impossible, in their heroic groups and before I even knew what happened, I had my spirit updates done.    Unfortunately, parts are very expensive.

Eventually, I finished Djinn L&L though.    Started things out by doing the access quest for the Shimmering Citadel, and once I got through that I checked out the zone.    It’s a fun, nice zone – too bad it’s guarded by the nagas who make it impossible to enter solo at the appropriate level.     Shiny harvests and tons of fast-spawning soloable Djinn were both attractive and made it a lot of fun to work on the quests inside.

Handed in a book to a librarian, and she shhhssshed me for a bit until she went nuts and attacked me !    “I’ll keep you quiet! ”    That was a real laugh to have happen to me.    Also mused on prosperity, beauty, and strength, with the whole thing reminding me of philosophic inquiry – namely, you don’t really get any real insight on any of these things.

Fetched a few things for the Curator as well, and eventually received the Poet’s Palace access quest from the lady djinn known as the Caretaker.     The unfinished quests I have related to this area all revolve around this zone, so I finished off the quest.    Turns out that the djinn was trying to get me killed, asking me to fetch her impossible things, and killing her at the end of the quest grants zone access.     Unfortunately, this is not a solo zone for me as once I zone in, everything is green and angry looking.    Will have to find a group or duo.

Ended the night by finally getting my djinn spirit after killing a few hundred of them, which I followed up with by killing undead nagas for naga parts; after I finish that I’ll try again for efreeti parts, and do Ashen Order factioning.

And the tally ?    1,500 quests at last.      What a monumental effort it’s been to get that far; sure hope I can pick up another 500.



  1. Mmmm I love poets palace. A great zone to farm daily (I duo it with my illusionist and my honey’s Shadowknight, but it is also solo-able, just takes forever.. you’ll see why when you try to complete the access for the 2nd floor which requires a lot of little statues to get placed.. )

    Good job on those L&L updates, have you heard / read about the new change coming to master strikes where they’ll all be combined into one spell, that works off of the L&L’s you’ve completed? Guess it’s time for me to go back and finish off those centaur and skeleton ones.. @.@

  2. Oh that would be an AWESOME change. I found the post you’re referring to :

    Lockeye wrote:

    Another change we’re testing for GU31: mastery abilities are no longer granted by level. All level-choice mastery abilities are wiped. Instead, all monsters that you have completed “Lore and Legend” quests will be added to the list on your mastery ability.

    No longer will you be more affective against an enemy type before you ever encounter them. However… now you can collect ’em all.

    The new EoF monsters will also have Lore and Legend quests made for them.

  3. Sorry can’t resist but it is usually a good advice to explore unknown lands before you destroy your faction with their inhabitants 😛

    Me and my friends never had any problems with entering the Shimmering Citadel at the appropriate level cause we did not unnecessarily kill any Nagas that did not attack us first 😉

  4. My highest char is 900 quests or so behind you. So far to go. Still, I hope that all those lame book quests he did, which later got taken out of the game, might give him an edge some day.

    Congratulations! It is quite an accomplishment!

  5. Kind of late, but congrats on this. By the time you hit 2000, a new expansion will be out, so more quests to do. =P

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