Posted by: mrrx | January 8, 2007

Efreeti and Dwarves

Tezcatlipocca : Made my way to Butcherblock Mountains, and completed quite a few easy quests in there – all involving making the dwarves happy in various ways.

I single-handedly defended Fort Irontoe from an assault of bugbears, and headed into their camp to sow confusion and destruction upon them as well.    I also fetched rocks, took care of trees, and finally finished everything in the journal.    With that, I went to visit Civean again and resume my Solusek Ro questing.

He sent me to Solusek’s Eye, where I had to find an “invisible” bridge.     It truly was invisible, unless you turn your graphics up fairly high, which I did after a fall killed me when I took the “walk of faith”.      Once I was finished, rather than immediately journey back to Butcherblock, I decided to work on on getting my efreeti parts for the Lore & Legend quest.

Dear god, that was a painful excercise.     After accumulating a ton of coin from various drops, I had managed to pick up a single additional item.     But a trip to the broker left me with two remaining to be gathered; one wasn’t for sale and the price of the other made me look fondly on killing grey efreet for hours.

Tried to finish Fulgation’s End.    But I’ve screwed it up.    The final NPC is Klipp Plaxiphone, who gives you a TCP and some other device to use to deal with Remmy.    I accidentally deleted it and can’t finish the quest.     He has some text choices that should allow you to get a new one, but they don’t work.     Maybe I’ll delete the quest and try again.

Ended up wandering through Greater Faydark to Crushbone.    The new Crushbone is a neat looking zone, which Tez naturally walked right through, getting tons of discovery XP as he went.     Finished up a nostalgia quest for Crushbone belts and got started helping an orcish historian, before sleep claimed me and it was time to log.   1,433 quests.

Oh, I managed to grab this screenshot too.




  1. haha.. gotta love those invisible npc.

  2. LOL… was that before or after you turned your graphics up?

  3. Hey there, I bumped into you in Lavastorm awhile back. Then you were ranked 23, now 14 is it? Nice work!! You may blast past me soon enough, I seem to be stuck at 7. Anyways just wanted to say keep up the questing!!

  4. Wow, at first I thought it was the table talking, then I looked at the highlighting on the ground.. x.x

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