Posted by: mrrx | January 5, 2007

The Ugly Bonemire

Tezcatlipocca : Short session tonight.    Spent time in the Bonemire, and looked up the start for the Mark of the Awakened quest and started it.     

I’ve avoided this zone forever for one simple reason : It is, by far, the UGLIEST zone I’ve seen in the game.      Even beats Freeport, which is “good ugly” in that it’s supposed to look like that.    Not so the Bonemire, which apparently should look forbidding and desolate, but comes across putrid instead.    Glowing purple oozes as rivers.     Cracked purplish ground.    It’s like EQ2 meets Cartoon-world; realistic monsters running around on a drawn-ink stage.    Blech.     But I stomached my dislike and started working quests.

Cured Gingus of his woes; first I had to kill a bunch of spiders, which actually completed two quests, then headed back and got a potion made which would remove the poison from his system.     Next, I had to run back to him and give him the potion.

This is where it got weird.     After he drinks the potion, he asks you to escort him back to the Drednever Crash Site.    Nothing attacks him, so he’s pretty safe, but you aren’t so lucky.     You have to both avoid the wanderers in the area, and stay near enough to Gingus to keep him moving.    He stops if he gets too far away from you.     Why he got bit in the first place, if the spiders don’t attack him, is not explained.

Not that I knew any of that while doing the quest.     I beat feet after him and almost got killed trying to battle a spider that wanted to eat me.    He stood plaintively next to a hostile spider, telling me how cold he was, and could I follow him please ?     Not likely, I was thinking, since I didn’t really want to get killed.    

Even better, he stops if another player hails him.    I got him moving again by backing off until he asked me to follow him.   Eventually, I got him home and completed the quest.

1,406 quests.    Another AA gets me close to maxxing my Smite combat art.

Partly this was a short session because I worked on the EQ2i website – it’s hard to get started, but this kind of thing is right up my alley and I got the Qeynos betrayal quest partially updated.      You could easily spend all your game time for weeks making the site better, so I limited myself for tonight, and even with that I was spending a lot of time.


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