Posted by: mrrx | January 4, 2007

Five Things About – Me ?

Ah no, now Silverstep’s gone and tagged me with the five questions game.    I’ll be a good sport and do it though.

  1. I once drove, alone, across nearly the entire country in a junker car.      There was this girl – enough said about her – I went to see, and I barely survived the dangerous trip.     Doing 30 mph through the highest mountains in Colorado, someone seriously trying to run my slow ass off of the road, driving while asleep across the Plains, experiencing pay phones with operators instead of automated systems, and seeing those guys from the start of my journey – it was an incredibly memorable experience.
  2. I have turned my two little kids into chess junkies.    My daughter of 6 plays with anyone that will sit still long enough, and my 3-year-old son loves to set up the board and mess around with the pieces.    He surprised me over Christmas by trying to teach the game to his 2-year-old cousin.     I take them to the local chess club, which they say they love even though my boy is too young to play, and my daughter acts funny when playing there.   I guess it’s not too surprising – I have a whole bunch of sets, including several displayed in a glass case, along with the Pottery Barn Rug version in the loft.
  3. I got incredible grades in High School, but never finished college.     My cousin motivated me, with tales about the girls you can get in College, and I managed a 3.8ish GPA.    This, after getting C’s at best through grade school and junior high.     Literally, almost gave my mom a heart attack when she saw the first straight-A report card.     The thing I missed though, was how early and how hard it is to go through the collegiate machine – grants, loans, applications, searching for colleges, and when I finally figured it out I was overwhelmed and attended Junior College instead.    Graduated that at least.
  4. I got a dream house – a nice, big house on a ridgeline overlooking the rest of the city.    Nightly I sit on my bed and look at the lights twinkle below me.     I could never afford to buy this thing now, but I saw the opportunity, grabbed it, and it paid off.     Did something right this time.
  5. Food & Me – I married an Italian girl who’s an awesome cook and prepares these delicious dinners which I gobble down with satisfaction.     She makes me take her to nice restaurants where we enjoy the food (usually).     Despite that, my favorite meal is that adolescent-young adult thing – a burger and fries from any of the fast food restaurants.     Nothing tickles my taste buds like Quarter Pounders and Ultimate Cheeseburgers.      Oh, and Coke.    Always Coke to drink – no wussy Pepsi thank you, unless Jolt is available.

I’m going to tag Adele, Tipa, Cyanbane, and since everyone else active that I know has been tagged already – Moorgard and Blackguard.



  1. Grins, thanks for being a good sport about that hon, the car drive sounds intersting, and wow, never finished college? That’s one I’d not have guessed, especially after reading your blog and the way you present some arguments 😉 Well done!

  2. […] Brent from VW and Mrrx tagged me with this mem (do I need to write 10?), so here […]

  3. we share your number 5 🙂

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