Posted by: mrrx | January 2, 2007

My Favorite Posts

Decided to look back over the last year on my blog, and I came up with some favorite memories encased in these posts –

  1. The Commander Keg Incident, in which I battle the forces of stupidity, along with keeping my virtue by being a nice guy.     For added pleasure, there was a real fun battle in there.
  2. One Thousand, hitting the mark in a particularly sweet way, and dealing ignorantly with botters.
  3. The Journey is Finally Over, where I describe finishing up the Journey is Half the Fun quest, and surviving a very hostile Feerrott.
  4. The New Betrayal, documenting my experience creating a paladin from a shadowknight; partially via exploit.
  5. Blasted Cauldron Hollow Quest, where I bitch and moan about this quest.    Damn but it felt good to get that anger out.
  6. Playing With Botters, wherein I manage to not only use botters to my advantage, but do it in a kind way.   Wheee !
  7. Tradeskill Goodbye, when I falsely stated I wouldn’t tradeskill anymore.    Well, I did, after they added tradeskill writs addressing my complaints.
  8. The Nektropos Epic, documenting my fumbling through most of the Nektropos Castle and working the Lockets quest.
  9. Mad XP In the Caves – mostly notable for being the first “silly zone” where I got a level ding.     I’m going to miss doing that I think.

I think I’m becoming a much better writer; I see an improvement in my posts from the beginning of the year.     I know for certain that my writing in general has gotten better thanks to this effort – if your boss notices, you’re doing well.

You all, my readers, apparently liked these three posts the best –

  1. My WOW post, in which I take issue with the “6 million” figure for it’s subscribers.    Short answer : It’s baloney.
  2. Combat Excellence musings, where I ruminate over the problems with trying to become the toughest kid on the block in the combat arena.
  3. Farewell to Ogaming, a service which is missed intensely by the Everquest2 community, and which is unfortunately not quite as well done by either Allakhazam who gobbled them up, or their best competitor

Happy New Year !



  1. Happy New Years!

  2. Your writing is fantastic!

    Here’s to a new year filled with excitement, new quests, good harvesting and #1 in the world.

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