Posted by: mrrx | December 31, 2006

The Carbonite Carpenter

Huehueteotl : Ding 29 carpenter.    Ran him through quite a few writs, enjoying the 20% bonues XP, until finally vitality disappeared.    Was able to harvest everything he needed except enough carbonite clusters.    

Apparently, if you are a carpenter, ie a guy who works with wood, you need to go after metal nodes much more than wood nodes because the competition for metal is much fiercer; plus every recipe he makes uses metal.    One of the two “soft metal” harvests gets used too.     I ended up buying more carbonite at < 80c each to continue because harvesting just wasn’t happening.

Huey ran and picked up things in this order :

  1. Shinies.    Not using any of them; solely for sale.
  2. Ores.    The most precious node available.
  3. Timbers.    Although, they are less necessary than I had anticipated.
  4. Other nodes except bushes.    Food bushes litter the area after I’ve run through it a few times.    It would spawn things better if I cleared these, but no one else goes after them so it’s hard to justify “cleaning up” for other players, and Cram the bot.

The thing I did not expect about a carpenter is using both the work bench (things like orbs and clay pots) and the forge (chandeliers), in addition to the woodworking table.    Once vitality returns he’ll be trying to move up to T4 which is where his adventure level is.

Ding 33 wizard, 20% XP or so.    As he moved about, had him work a few quests and take out anything which wanted to kill him, until bags were full and he gated back for tradeskilling.    Made a few Ash boxes which are better for several characters than what is sitting in their banks.     Not going hardcore on that – at the moment it’s all about leveling.

I’m finding I love the wizard gameplay.     Root, nuke like hell, avoid groups of mobs and go after singles.   Getting over the 20-s hump helped immensely.   Might I finally get a second character up to high level ?

Tezcatlipocca : 67% XP.    Call went out for a guilded Sanctum group and Tez participated.    We got many people’s quests advanced or even completed, and I got a few hits on mine too.     Did not penetrate deep enough to advance claymore, unfortunately, but I have a better idea what to do for all my other quests.    If he can only find the armory he’ll be set.

1,363 quests and #17 on the server.


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