Posted by: mrrx | December 29, 2006

EQ2Players For The Win !

Here I go again pimping     But I can’t help it – I really think this feature is not only unique among MMO’s, it’s enough to retain customers in the face of competition. 

Some games have done limited, similar things.    For Everquest 1 Magelo was/is the way to track your statistics, but it was limited to character stats like strength, stamina, hit points, etc.     Many games have simple PvP leaderboards, like WOW.    Nobody else has done anything like Sony has with their statistic tracking.

I’ve played and referred to this site for so long, I find myself thinking about withdrawl symptoms.    Now suppose I switch to some other game, like Gods & Heroes or Pirates.    Am I going to want to do that, and completely lose EQ2Players functionality ?    The answer, for me anyway, is no.    

Sony has implemented a unique feature, and what I remember learning in Marketing classes ages ago, was unique features are what every product strives for to keep customers.     At least, until the competition clones it.

All this also means that Sony better keep working on the website and get it fully up to snuff.      They’re doing a good job so far with improving it.

So with all that said – what’s going on in other games on my radar screen ?    (remember kids, none of this is set in stone).

Gods & Heroes – I posted in their forums and got a pretty positive response from the community manager.     They want to have a statistical / leaderboard site.     Good news !  

Pirates of the Burning Sea My post got an affirmative dev response, but for sometime after launch is the expectation.      Many of the other players feel very negatively about it though, which surprised the hell out of me.     I suspect they don’t really get what I’m talking about and didn’t check the EQ2Players website.

Lord of the Rings Online – I could not find any indication that it will be getting it.    Info is extremely limited on this game, but I suspect release is close.

Vanguard – there’s no hint of info that the game will have this feature.     That’s one forum I don’t want to post on either.

So I’m probably still playing Everquest 2 until Summer 2007 at the earliest.



  1. I love EQ2Players. It’s not enough to make me stay in a game but it’s certainly a nice touch. I’ve had occassion to use it to check something about my toon when I was at work and couldn’t log into the game directly. It’s a great feature for cataloging our characters and sharing them with others. And the bragging rights from the leadership boards is a nice plus.

  2. […] at least. Honestly, I’d rather they were able to get the feature working. I’m the guy rhapsodizing about what a great service and feature this whole thing is. I’m hooked on EQ2 partially […]

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